One of the things I love to see the businesses I work with doing is innovating and adapting. It may be tempting when things are going well to revel in success and keep fingers crossed that things will continue to sell well. But in actual fact it’s a great time to make plans. It is the same in all areas of life, not just business! If you’ve tasted success and feel buoyed by it, hopefully this will give you the confidence to be bold. And in turn set targets for the future. A good example of this is the new Vitality Earrings!

Pegasus Jewellery is one of the businesses who really are brilliant at making sure they never stand still. Founder Kim generally has a million new ideas bouncing around her head at any given time. Perhaps in her case it’s more about tempering the creativity! But she never rests on her laurels and is always lining up the next new product range for the brand’s international fan base.

The ever-evolving Vitality collection!

Take the Pegasus Vitality collection of magnetic therapy jewellery as an example. The original silicon strap Vitality bracelet was and remains an enormous hit. I credit my Vitality bracelets with keeping my energy levels boosted, preventing my mid-afternoon slump and helping me get a full and restful night’s sleep. But since I first started wearing these ‘little bands of miracle’ from Pegasus, Kim has developed the range beyond recognition!

There are now woven leather strap versions. Which, with their slightly more rugged look, work perfectly for men and women. There are also contemporary steel and rose gold Vitality bracelets. As well as four styles of stunning Vitality Rings. Perfect for people who prefer not to wear a bracelet.

The Vitality benefits… in classic pearl stud earrings

But what about people who can’t wear any kind of hand or wrist jewellery during the day due to restrictions for their job? Or those who are looking for a slightly more classic look and feel for their jewellery but still want to benefit from the Vitality power? As ever, Kim has thought of everything. One of the very latest additions to the collection are the beautiful Pearl Vitality Earrings.

As the name suggests, these are beautiful freshwater pearl studs. They contain the very same powerful therapeutic magnet neodymium as the rest of the Vitality collection. At first glance they look like your regular sophisticated pearl earrings. But they are designed to help ease the discomfort of migraines and headaches. As well as boost energy levels.

Pegasus founder Kim was inspired to start her own magnetic jewellery collection after seeing the benefits of targeted magnet therapy on horses. And the whole collection is now loved by customers around the world! They credit their Vitality jewellery with helping to ease chronic pain and increase their energy levels. As well as a plethora of many other benefits.

Never fear, the classics are still here

And if you love those original, bright and beautiful silicon-strap Vitality bracelets most of all? Well never fear! They haven’t gone anywhere at all! There is still a rainbow-worthy selection of colours to choose from. And there’s even a rose gold clasp version of the black one. Perfection!

Take a closer look at the Pegasus Pearl Vitality Earrings here: