Olivia Tullett’s latest success demonstrates why networking and word of mouth marketing still reap benefits for all kinds of businesses

Olivia Tullett is a really, really hard worker. She’s built up her business creating bespoke tweed masterpieces for the shooting field and beyond with clever use of digital marketing and by putting in the leg work at shows and exhibitions across the country.

Olivia’s shooting designs are highly sought after thanks to their perfect balance of exceptional functionality and figure flattering design. Carefully added touches, such as the clever placement of front zip so that the Bella Gilet doesn’t ride up and become tight when the pockets are full of cartridges, or the beautiful combinations of tweed and linings, help to set the Olivia Tullett range apart from the rest. But there’s something else that Olivia does so well that others may not…

Olivia’s stand at Burghley Horse Trials

There are many brands out there that exist only online, with no mention of the provenance of the materials used to craft their products, nor the people and ethos behind the brand. Products may not look or fit the way a customer expect them to when they arrive, and it can be tricky to speak to someone to discuss returns or exchanges. Meeting potential customers face to face and giving them a chance to actually see and feel her clothing ‘in the flesh’ is something that Olivia feels very passionate about, and so has spent the past few years taking her designs to the British Shooting Show, the Game Fair, country shows and horse trials the length and breadth of the UK. This weekend in fact, she’s at the Orvis Game Fair in New York. Olivia also prides herself on having a personal relationship with many of her customers, offering totally bespoke clothing or alterations as necessary, and is proud that plenty of her business comes from word of mouth recommendations and people spotting the designs on the shooting field. 

Olivia was due to appear at the Game Fair this August, however her father, the man who inspired her love of the outdoors and shooting, died suddenly just a week before the event. Having been a lifelong entrepreneur with his own successful business, Olivia knew her father would want her to carry on and exhibit as planned, to see the outcome of plenty of hard work and preparation – and so she did. The fair itself was a great success, albeit a bit of a blur with a lot of well-wishers visiting the stand, and Olivia was to find out that her persistence and bravery in attending had another positive impact to come.

Having admired Olivia’s stand and her fabulous designs at the Game Fair, the team behind the prestigious Burghley Horse Trials contacted Olivia and asked her if she would be interested in exhibiting there. Naturally the answer was yes, and at the beginning of this month Olivia was once again packing her stand and heading off to share her beautiful tweed and leather creations with yet more lucky people. 

Digital marketing is an incredible tool, but for some purchases and for some demographics, nothing can beat being able to see and feel a product and talk to the very person who designed it! That passion just shines through when you speak to Olivia and you immediately understand why she is making such a success of Olivia Tullett Ltd – she loves every second of designing and creating her pieces and then sharing them with us. The next stop is a visit to her American distributor, Hound & Hare, working with them at the Orvis Game Fair in New York state to meet her US fans. All in a day’s work…