It’s proving to be a wet and blustery start to the week here at TPPR HQ as we whizz towards Christmas (just over two weeks until the big day!). We’ve got everything crossed for snow or at least some cold frosty weather… Some businesses might be on a festive slowdown but we’re still firing on all cylinders. We are planning for the first 6 months of 2020 and beyond. I have to admit that although I know it’s just a new month, it’s really blowing my mind that we’re about to enter a new decade. Planning and goal setting for a fresh and exciting January is always fun. But this time around, a whole new decade beckons.

Personal goals

I spend a lot of time speaking to my coaching and PR clients about their business aims and how to get there, but it’s interesting how often that discussion bleeds into personal goals. I want to be “more organised/fitter/a better rider/tidier/have more time to relax” – delete as appropriate. Endless comparison on Instagram or Facebook mean we might not feel content with our life and seek change all the time. Add in a culture where the lines between work time and personal time are more blurred than ever (especially true for the self-employed and business owners!) and it can be tricky to switch off.

Be kind to yourself

Too much pressure, even if we place it on ourselves, can overwhelm us. I know there are people out there who are the living embodiment of that swan analogy. They look totally in control and graceful but are paddling like hell underneath. If that sounds like you, why not make a new kind of New Year’s resolution this time. A new decade resolution, if you will.

Commit to being kinder to yourself. Commit to recognising what works for you and what doesn’t. And forge a path that makes you happy and keeps you relaxed. If your personal aims actually end up making you unhappy then review them.

Plan ahead to avoid pressure

If you are trying to squeeze a lot into your life, taking some time to plan ahead will become your key to success. From bullet journaling to a good old-fashioned to do list, find a way that helps you feel in control.

You can also consider outsourcing some tasks to people who are experts in their field. From paying a cleaner to come once a week so that your home is a lovely welcoming cocoon when you get back at the end of a long day. To finding brilliant online companies who will help you with admin or accounting. There are lots of options out there.

No more gift vouchers!

I know it can be really upsetting when it’s the birthday of a friend or loved one and you really can’t take the time out to seek out a perfect gift. Some people can be tricky to buy for and we increasingly want to buy from small, British businesses instead of large corporations. Or, there’s the ultimate ‘I had no time’ gift, the voucher. There is another way – the wonderful online business Hooves & Love. Hooves & Love’s founder Emma adores searching out unique and one-of-a-kind gifts with an equestrian twist, and she’s done the leg work for you. From personalised high-quality grooming tools to luxurious accessories there really is a gift box to suit any horse lover. You can even choose your favourite elements from her gift boxes to ‘create your own’ for someone special.

What’s ever better for the time-starved gift giver is that the boxes are truly beautifully presented. The gifts are carefully wrapped, stamped and parcelled into branded Hooves & Love boxes which are sure to delight the recipient. This is a really lovely way to celebrate a birthday or let someone know you’re thinking of them. Without sending something mass-produced and filling the pockets of massive companies. I call that a win! Take a look around here.