Launching a new product can feel both exhilarating and equally as terrifying. For many, it might be the first chance the general public gets to see your creation. For others, it might be after years of product research, testing and development. Either way, you need to get it right. These top tips will help you get the launch right, catapulting you into future success, with PR coverage to match.

The press release

New products are PR gold. It’s a lot easier to get relevant coverage for new products than it is to secure for existing ones. So before you are ready to launch your new product, ensure you have a perfected press release ready to send to the media. There are many tips online about writing a good press release, but that’s only half the story. You now need to know where to send it! This is one of the benefits in working with a PR agent, they already have that contact list! If you want to handle it yourself, do some research. Many editors and journalists email addresses are available on websites, on LinkedIn and on Twitter. Be savvy and spend the time researching who best to send it to. If you just send it to the editor, chances are, it will end up in their virtual trash!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Images sell products. Or rather, good images sell products. Investing in a photographer might fill you with fear – but, make that call and see what they can do for your budget/requirements. Most of them will work to your budget and may be able to offer you a starter pack for your £200 (for example). Get a small selection of good images to start with then as the product range grows, or your sales increase, you can invest in more. 

Social media

Social media is one of the strongest ways to promote a new product. Your potential customers may literally be in the palm of your hand. So, before you launch, be sure to schedule some posts highlighting your new product(s). Share far and wide – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and if relevant, Snapchat and Pinterest. If you’re not sure, please do have a look at this blog – which social platform should my business be on?

Know your why

Why did you create this product? What inspired you? Work out the problem you’re solving and your ‘why’ and your message should be a lot easier to get across. If you fail to do so, your social content and press release will suffer. A simple task is to create a chart with 3 columns – column 1, what is your product; column 2, what pain are you trying to solve for your customer; column 3, how can you help? Get the answers clear and everything else will just fall into place.

What makes you unique?

Anyone can launch a product. What will make yours work (over others) is what makes it unique. Create content through imagery, video and testimonials that helps to highlight what makes your product better than the competition.

Celebrate with an offer

The more people you can get talking about your product, the better! What can you offer to ensure as many sales as possible and to get people talking? Offering an introductory discount generally works wonders – offer 20% for purchases over the first 14 days to add an element of immediacy. If you’re sending a press release, include this information (should you wish) but do take into consideration that some magazines work 2 – 3 months ahead so a press release you send the week before your launch date might not get published for another couple of months, so avoiding publishing an offer might be beneficial.

Seek the advice of an expert

If you’re really struggling, pick up the phone! There are many small and medium business owners that have successfully launched products (and continue to do so), simply ask if you can pick their brains! Alternatively, speak to an industry expert or PR guru and ask for any tips or advice they might have. I’m always keen to help business owners get that first step towards success, as I know just how hard it can be.

For a free 15 minute strategy call to get the successful product launch of your dreams, please email with the subject line ‘Product Launch’.

Looking forward to hearing from some new wonderful businesses and seeing you all succeed.