I’m so sorry to be writing this as we once again live our lives in a national lockdown, advised to stay at home bar food shopping, exercise and essential work. There was so much optimism when the first vaccine was approved in late 2020, but the situation is so bad again now… Even with my ever-positive mindset, it’s clearly going to be a tough few months ahead. 

It’s OK to feel… however you feel!

One thing I can’t reiterate enough is that it is perfectly OK to feel however you want to feel about lockdown. If it makes you want to curl up and hibernate then that’s fine. If you’re homeschooling and really don’t have the energy to decide how you feel, that’s OK too! And if you feel energised to make the most of any spare time you now have at home, embrace it. All our experiences of the various lockdowns will have been different. That means how we feel will be different too. And, the way you feel about lockdown probably changes from day to day too! One day you’re feeling motivated, the next a little flat. Just remember to cut yourself some slack when you’re in a funk and make use of the moments when you are raring to go!

Figuring out your priorities 

There is one thing that’s changed during this pandemic that I think most people will agree on … The pandemic has made us reassess our priorities. We’re far more aware of what makes us happy and how we like to spend our time and money. How many of us used to say that friends and family were the most important thing in our lives, yet worked long hours and saw less of them than we would have liked? Now, many people (and I am sorry for those homeschooling and juggling work!), have more time but can’t see loved ones. I know I and so many others would love the chance to get together with friends and family but simply can’t.

Connecting with loved ones

Plus, there are ways to still connect with other people during lockdown. The words ‘Zoom quiz’ might fill some with dread, but others adore them. Social media might be too addictive and take up a lot of our time, but it does have a good side. It enables us to be reassured and inspired by how others are handling the pressures of Covid life. I’ve also used the lockdowns (both past and present) to find time to let people know I’m missing them. I love sending hampers and bottles out, as well as personalised goodies from Hooves & Love. Emma from Hooves & Love works incredibly hard even in normal times, balancing the running of her own business with looking after her family and 3 horses. But now, she’s homeschooling at the same time as planning the year ahead with Hooves & Love! Now that does take some doing… 

Send someone the perfect present for pampering

One of my all-time favourite boxes from Hooves & Love is the Relax & Pamper Box. If you know someone who is super stressed and busy this is perfect. There’s everything you need for a spa evening in your own home! The Relax & Pamper Box contains the Hooves & Love artisan jasmine and oud candle, ideal for helping you unwind. There are also three gorgeous products from the Dartmoor Soap Company. Aromatherapy Bath Truffles, soothing Wild Rose & Geranium Hand & Body Wash Wild Rose & Geranium and a Spirit of the Moor Soap. Everything from this fab company is handmade in Dartmoor, so you’re supporting two small British brands.

So, who would you treat to a gorgeous gift box full of pampering goodies? Once you’ve figures it out, you can shop the Relax & Pamper gift box from Hooves & Love here.