After the incredible sunshine we were treated too in early Spring (and the smattering of freckles and rosy skin it delivered) the weather seems to have settled back into a more typical spring pattern. Those of breezy days, sudden showers and the occasional sunny spell. Fellow equestrians will know that means the return of the daily struggle. How to know which rugs to put on their charges, what to wear to ride out and the occasional and rather uncomfortable ‘I have such sweaty legs oh I wish I hadnt worn welliesday.

However, some more warm weather is on the horizon. As we inch ever closer to summer there are so many things to be thankful for! The evenings are getting lighter and lighter every day. Something that makes it possible to squeeze so much more into every day. Be it riding, dog walking, clay shooting or alfresco pub dinners. Whatever you choose to do with your down time, at this time of year it feels like such a treat to be able to get out there and enjoy it after work.

Ready for Summer

Stepping out and living your best life on long spring and summer evenings instead of collapsing on the sofa with a mug of tea, a scented candle and some excellent television does throw up potential problems. If you’re a morning person, the classic lark, then you might well run plum out of energy by the end of the working day. Then need to find a source of ‘get up and go’ to get you out and about!

This summer why not turn away from the Red Bull, Twix bars and black coffee. Give yourself a little Vitality from Pegasus Jewellery. The Vitality range is designed to give you a little energy boost all day long. It also helps ensure your slumber is long, uninterrupted and restful.

The Vitality Collection

The brand’s Vitality bracelets, rings and earrings contain the magnet Neodymium and the chemical element Germanium. Together they create a powerful combination that helps to boost circulation, increase alertness and support muscle recovery.

The Vitality collection has fans around the world. All who swear by their ‘little band of miracle’ to help them feel their best. What’s more the range really does have something for everyone!

I swear by my stacked, bright and beautiful silicon Vitality bracelets. Others love the chic ring collection. While for some the classic pearl earrings are the only way to wear their Vitality magic. Brand new for Spring 2019 is the rose gold update on the silicon strap bracelet. Adding a dash of this seriously fashionable colour to the range just in time for summer adventures.

It must also be said that it’s absolutely OK to still curl up on the sofa to recharge the batteries if you feel like it. Just because it’s light and the sun is shining doesn’t mean you need to exhaust yourself today. There’s a whole summer out there to look forward to and you can use it however you like!

See the range of delights on the Pegasus Jewellery website here and shop the Pegasus Vitality range here.