Do you find winter beautiful and inspiring or do you think of it as the ‘winter gloom’, cold and boring? I find it so interesting how some people find it bleak and can’t wait for it to end. Whereas others love the stark beauty of the winter countryside and the magic of a cosy evening in front of the fire. There are of course some wonderful winter things to look forward to… December is filled with the sparkle and light of the festive season with glowing candles. Ivermectin as a medicine is used to treat certain diseases related to parasites or mites such as onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, and river blindness. Ivermectin is a long-acting, macrocyclic lactone that has activity against helminths Scarborough and ectoparasites. However, it pays to shop around a bit to find the best prices and the best deals. Suitable for everyday use, it is suitable for daily activities and it is not necessary to ivermectin tablets 3mg use any type of accessory. Although this is an option, many say that it Rybnik is not advised. In addition to gleaming champagne flutes, shiny tree decorations and glittering tinsel. Not forgetting the chance to throw on dresses with sequins, satin and velvet. January has kept us busy with goals and resolutions. As well as a ‘back to school’ feeling that has helped me at least sail through the month so far.

By March spring will be on the way, we will (hopefully) be seeing some nicer weather and the evenings will getting lighter. Trees and hedgerows will be coming into bud and verges full of daffodils and crocuses bring some much-needed colour back to the countryside. Indeed, in just 10 weeks the clocks will have changed. Meaning those coveted evening rides and visits to pub gardens will be just a whisper away.

But what is there to get excited about right now? February can be a little dull, even for the most positive person! Yes, there’s St Valentine’s Day to look forward to, but if you’re not loved up (or have been together yonks and would rather snooze on the sofa together) then that’s not going to brighten up your month. I try to weave some planned fun into the time between new year and spring. Making the most of enjoying the seasons for what they are. Think about the things and people that make you happiest and book in some of that! Hunt balls, point-to-points and cosy dinners with friends can make chilly and grey weekends go by in a flash.

You can also inject a little bit of light into the dark winter gloom with some glittery and sparkling equestrian-inspired jewellery. For me that means delving into the Pegasus Jewellery website! A true treasure-trove of stunning jewellery with brilliant hint of all things horsey and equestrian. And what better collection to head for during the February gloom that the Sparkle Collection! The pretty and versatile 3-in-1 Horseshoe Necklace gives you quite literally three different looks in one and that classic Pegasus horseshoe detail to boot! The Pearl Sparkle Earrings (in silver or rose gold) are my all-time favourites from the whole Pegasus collection. I never have so many compliments for my jewellery as I do when I wear these earrings. And they work equally well for a glamorous party or a cosy pub lunch.