They say that the very best time to sell your home is spring, when people are restless for change and the world starts looking far more pleasant again after a dreary winter. This in turn means that summer is peak house moving time, as all the cogs start to turn on all those spring sales and people start life in their new home. It must also be helpful to try to avoid rain when emptying a house full of your possessions into a van! 

Mounted Horseshoe Candle Holder

After decorating and hauling furniture into place, it’s time to look for ways to add personal touches, with hints of your personality and passions dotted here and there. One caveat – no, fellas, that does not mean your clothes and towels can live on the floor or draped over chairs because that’s your ‘personality’…! I love the range of homewares from Horseshoe Hearts and Gifts because their pieces are not only beautiful and so carefully crafted, but they can also be meaningful too – you can commission them to be made from your own horse’s used shoes, giving you something to remember them by forever.

Whether it is just a hint of equestrian style you wish to add, or pick something for every room, there’s plenty to choose from. My personal favourites include the Oak and Horseshoe Bookends, cleverly designed and a great way to keep all things looking neat and tidy on selves in the office or living room, and the Mounted Horseshoe Candle Holder to add a cosy glow to any room as the days slowly start to shorten towards autumn…

On a slightly more practical note, you can upscale hallways and keep boot rooms in perfect order with the Horseshoe Hook and the Heart-Shaped Horseshoe Coat Hook. Both have been designed with an extra deep hook to prevent items slipping off – one of those irritating occurrences that only ever happen when you are in such a hurry that repeatedly picking things off the floor makes you want to scream! If you love a neat tack room with plenty of places to hang things, then these hooks are just perfect for that too. 

Heavy Duty Horseshoe Tool Hook

Finally, to keep the shed or garage spick and span (and perhaps the aforementioned chap happy!), the Heavy-Duty Horseshoe Tool Hook can hold forks, shovels, power tools, brooms – whatever in that man shed needs hanging up!

So, if you’re enjoying dressing your new abode and having a little shopping session or looking for a horsey housewarming gift for someone else, then you know where to look for inspiration. All of these gorgeous items are designed and handmade in Britain by the clever farrier and artist team behind Horseshoe Hearts and can be personalised with initials or made from your horse’s shoes for that extra personal touch. Time to start browsing!