Equestrian clothing brand Just Jodz have amassed a following of loyal customers and fans on their social media channels. Thanks in no small part to the company’s work with many a sponsored rider. Just Jodz founder Lia has connected with talented and determined equestrians who are striving for success in their chosen field but having a blast at the same time.

We caught up with Just Jodz sponsored rider Lily Chandler of Lily Equestrian fame to find out what brought the brand and rider together in the first place. Including some of what makes Lily tick and her aims for the future.

How long have you been sponsored by Just Jodz for and how did the connection happen?

I have been a sponsored rider and supported by Just Jodz now for a few years. Going back to remembering when we first connected, I was a fairly small Instagram page and Lia was just starting her business up. I feel that we instantly got as she supported me so much even back then, and there was so much determination and commitment within the brand that really drew my attention. Just Jodz was actually my first EVER official sponsor and my first opportunity to be a sponsored rider so will always hold a special place in my heart.

Why Just Jodz, what is it about the brand and their values that you like?

Everyone working within the brand is determined and committed beyond belief and always showers me with the upmost support. Just Jodz is unique in itself that it produces quality products at such affordable prices. This means that it has swiftly become the go-to brand for normal teens and students who need affordable yet wearable and stylish equestrian clothing. I love seeing how much effort is put into the brand, and how all the hard work pays off with every sell out and restock. Especially when I see the brand all over my feed with people wearing the products and loving them!

What is your favourite product from Just Jodz?

My favourite product from Just Jodz would either be my white silicon breeches or my burgundy leggings! I have been wearing Just Jodz as my competition jodhpurs for years now and have never strayed away from them.

You will see them in every competition video or photo on my account as we compete at BE, BS or unaffiliated shows! They are smart, comfortable and stylish. My burgundy leggings are a favourite general riding wear product of mine. As they are so extremely comfy, work well in hot or cold weather, and also have a very flattering high-waisted style that ALL girls love!

What would you like to see them do in the future that they don’t do now?

I would love to see Just Jodz expand within their brand towards new products! Although the brand focuses on leggings, jods and breeches, I’d love to see what Lia would do for base layers, gilets, jackets, caps, socks, t-shirt’s etc. But, I don’t know if it would ever happen – I understand why Lia wants to stay doing just a few products really well.

What are your riding ambitions for the year ahead?

My ambitions for the year ahead are, as always, to have fun with my ponies and experience new things. I love eventing Crystal at BE100 and hope to do more with her in the future. As well as a small goal of qualifying Badminton grassroots at BE90 with her! I have also just purchased a new youngster project pony, Luna, who I have fallen utterly in love with. My goals for her this year are to get her out competing and having fun.

Who is your top ride at the moment & why?

Crystal will also be my favourite and number 1 horse. We’ve been together 6 years now and she has a forever home with me. She is what I’d call my ‘heart horse’. I believe everyone has one horse they just fully connect with and she has been that for me. She has brought me so far and taught me so much, I honestly owe it all to her!

You seem pretty fearless in the saddle – do you have a secret to riding tricky horses?

I owe my confidence in the saddle not only to Crystal, but to every horse that has ever challenged me, scared me and made me eat dirt. My very first pony used to throw me off in literally every ride (honestly, it was every. single. time). As they say, practise makes perfect.

Once you get bucked off enough times you just have to learn to adapt and sit to it! I’ve had many horses over the years who have been, let’s say, uncooperative… but it’s those horses who have made me the rider I am today.

Maybe I’ve been dropped on the arena surface too many times, but I think life would be a little boring without a buck and a rear every now and then to spice things up. Besides, the only though I have when I fall off is, DID WE GET IT ON VIDEO?

Tell us about your perfect day?

It would definitely start with a lie in. I am NOT a morning person! I’m very much a night owl. You’ll find me still awake into the early hours of the morning with my nose in a book. If I’m honest, an ideal day for me would include spending time with my dogs, cats and horses.

Of course, I would go down to the yard and ride the ponies. Opting to go for a nice long hack through the fields on Crystal as we are both speed demons and love a good gallop! I love to just sit with the ponies in their fields sometimes. Often running around and playing with Luna. As she’s a very playful bouncy baby and I can completely lose track of time. Their presence is incredibly calming for me and an excellent anti-anxiety remedy.

It’s not a perfect day without some ice cream or a pancake so that would have to be a must have! After spending the day with the horses, I enjoy just coming home and relaxing with my dogs. Usually while talking to my friends on social media. Reading a book or watching something on Netflix or YouTube.

I will happily spend the rest of my evening just listening to music while I draw or read. Or if I’ve collected some footage that day then photo or video editing. I am an active person who loves to spend time outside doing sports and spending time with animals. But I’m also naturally introverted. So am quite happy to enjoy my own company and a chilled-out day.

Check out the Lily Equestrian Instagram account here and if you fancy kitting yourself out in some Just Jodz loveliness just like sponsored rider Lily, then why not head over and browse the range: https://justjodz.co.uk