I remember the days when buying new riding clothes meant a trip to a slightly dusty local saddler’s shop. Or perhaps leafing through a catalogue full of tack, rugs and all manner of hats, jodhpurs and footwear.

One thing that they both had in common was that the breeches and jodhs on offer were for the most part rather dull. Bar the regulation white and canary for pony club and competitions, the rest of the colours were usually dark. Think browns, black, or navy. Sometimes, they had a tartan pattern if you felt like being a little wild!

They were also very much designed for practicality and little else, which is understandable. But of course this meant that you really wanted to change out of them before heading out anywhere that wasn’t the yard.  

Just Jodz pretty pink breeches

Fast forward to the present day, and the way we shop has been totally transformed.  

E-commerce and phones mean that we can search high and low, researching to find the exact product or service we need. The choice we are offered is enormous! That in turn has meant that specialist shops have been able to thrive online. They don’t need to sell everything under the sun but doing just a few things very well indeed.

Riding wear

Just Jodz is, as the name would suggest, a company focused entirely on breeches, jodhpurs and riding leggings. Thanks to them there is no need to ever look drab in the saddle. Founder Lea dreamt of being able to sell high-quality, colourful, beautifully-designed riding wear. Consistently low prices were important to her, and boy, has she ever succeeded!

Set up just over two years ago, and by Lea’s own admission not taken very seriously for a while after that, Just Jodz is now doing incredibly well and is much-loved by equestrian ladies up and down the UK.

From gorgeous breeches in baby blue, blush pink and pretty purple to riding leggings that offer exceptional value for money. High-performance silicon-knee breeches for those who like a little more grip to every day pieces for running errands, the Just Jodz range is a goldmine of fun colours and brilliant design.

Sizes for all

Lea also wanted to ensure that her products were totally inclusive and available to ladies of all shapes and sizes. So the sizes of the breeches and jodhpurs range from 24 – 40, which is UK 6 – 22!

So, whether you’re a bean pole or a curvy lady, love bright pink or prefer neat navy, there’s something for everyone at Just Jodz. There’s no doubt that this is a brand on the up! Lea has amazing ideas for new products that certainly weren’t been seen in fusty old saddlers back in the mid 90’s. I can’t wait!