Instagram stories are rapidly overtaking newsfeed. They’ve become the go to for sharing news, updates and behind the scenes. There are many ways to share them which I share below.

What works well on Instagram stories?

  • Behind the scenes. Stories are a great way to share behind the scenes. Some of my most popular stories have been a video filming my desk with tunes on the in the background or when I’ve accidentally forgotten to take wellies to the yard. Cue feeding in my Fairfax & Favor boots…!
  • Share new products, new services or any other newness. Sometimes newness just won’t work on your feed. Your feed likes to have a theme; for example mine is all photos of me. No I’m not being vain, that’s just what works best for my audience. So if I were to share clients new products, it throws the algorithm off and my posts get penalised in terms of reach. Share what works.
  • Testimonials. Testimonials just don’t do so well in the feed. If you have a new review or testimonial, share a screenshot (cut out the persons name who left the review) and upload to your story.
  • Anything timely. Timely posts work super well so if it’s the last day of an offer or a competition, share a little story video stating.

        Screenshot 1

How to upload a story

The screenshots below walk you through how to create Instagram stories. As a Samsung phone user I’m hoping these will translate to iPhone too!

Screenshot 1 shows where you can add a story. Click the top left camera icon, just to the left of ‘Instagram’. Then there are a number of options. The first option is taking a simple photo in Instagram. You can then click the Aa to add text and the central icon for overlay images, adding mentions and hashtags, time, polls, GIFs and more! Alternatively, instead of taking a photo in Instagram, you can create a text post, go live, create a boomerang video and more! All of this is possible when you click the camera icon shown in screenshot 1.

Different sorts of stories

There are a number of different story styles, as briefly mentioned above.

  • Image. Take a photo in Instagram, add filters and edit accordingly. Or, you can upload a photo from your camera roll. If you wish to upload from your camera roll, click the camera icon as per screenshot 1, then you will see a box in the top right corner. Click on this and you then have the option to choose recent camera, downloads, screenshots etc.
  • Live. By going live, you let all your followers know with a top of the app pop-up. Once you have gone live, you can then save the video to use elsewhere such as on Facebook. Don’t forget to upload to Instagram TV too!
  • Video. When recording a video on an Instagram story, you can film in 15 second stints. So, either film for 15 seconds then upload or continually hold the record button to upload, it makes little difference!
  • Type. Choose different colour backgrounds and fonts, add polls and encourage engagement. Viewers can hold the screen to be able to read longer type posts so don’t be shy!

A mix of all of the above will keep your followers engaged and wanting to know more! I’d love to know how you get on! Plus let’s connect on the ‘Gram!