Goals are just my most favourite topic! Whether setting and smashing for myself or for my coaching clients, they just light me up! But what should you set? How should you set them? And how can you increase your chances of smashing them?


1. Set the goal. Sounds silly but have you ACTUALLY set the goal so it’s super clear in terms of a financial figure for the month?

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3. Vision. When you’re writing it out, actually FEEL how you would feel when you smash it. Envisage how you’ll act, what you’ll wear and how you’ll show up (as your best self, obvs!) 

4. Get clear on what the money is for. So if for example a £5k month is the goal, what is this money for? Money needs somewhere to go, so perhaps £1k is to stay in the business bank account as a security blanket, £1k is to invest in a coach, £1k for staff, £500 for new equipment and £1.5k for you. Get crystal clear on its path. 

5. Check in. Check in with your goal daily, weekly and at the half way point. 

6. Extra income. At the halfway point of the month, what tasks can you do to bring in some extra cash to give you a boost? Could you run a email subscriber offer or a discount for an end of line product or service? Do you have any old leads you could follow up? 

7. CELEBRATE IT! When you smash it (not if, WHEN) please celebrate it! Whether it’s a massage, bottle of champagne or guilt free shopping with your bestie, make sure you celebrate it otherwise the universe will think you just don’t care and won’t help you get there next time!


Now is the perfect time to set goals for September… So I challenge you to set yours now! DM me to let me know you’ve done it and I’ll hold you accountable!