This weeks blog collaboration with Black Nova Designs looks at Google rankings and SEO.

“As you are probably well aware, having a high ranking in the search engines (in particular Google) can send a lot of visitor traffic to your website, which in turn can give a massive boost to your business.

How can you get your website to change its Google ranking status from zero to hero?


Googles mission is to make sure 100% relevant sites pop up. Relating this back to your website, you therefore need to produce the most relevant content of all time! The phrase ‘content is king’ has never been more apt.

If for example you are a gardener, simply having a website with your phone number and a picture of a lawn is not even going to come close to pleasing Google.

You’ve got to look at what all the other high ranking gardener websites are up to. Then match what they’ve done. Not copy what they have done, that’s a different and illegal concept all together, but match it.

Your website needs to be bigger and better than your competitors, it needs to contain more information.

Likewise, if you are a plumber, don’t just mention on your website in a single sentence that you fix toilets. Rather, have a whole page of your website devoted to that. Have another page devoted to sinks, and another page devoted to radiators. Then a testimonials page and fill it with testimonials. A good idea is to have a section on your website explaining not just how you can fix any problems, but what the causes of the problems might be.

With a cheap single page website, you’ll never rank on page 1 of Google. Spend some money and time on a website with lots of content and information and your chances are massively increased.

Social Media

Google don’t just look at your website itself. They take into account many external factors, especially social media activity.

If you’ve got a lot happening in your social media world, that is a big indicator to Google that you are popular and going places! And so, as you would expect, not only do Google want relevant websites in their search results, but they also want popular ones.

So, you need to create accounts/profiles on as many social media platforms as possible – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus etc.

But, just creating these profiles is not enough on its own. On Facebook you need to be creating posts every day and gaining likes. On Twitter you need to be tweeting several times a day and increasing your number of followers. Similarly on Linkedin you need to be increasing your number of connections and so on.

It’s nothing short of a full time job doing all of this! But there are plenty of companies that will do all this for you on a monthly basis, including Tara Punter PR! If you’re unsure, the team at Tara Punter PR can help give you the skills you need to make your social a success.

Link building

Link building is quite simply when you request for another website to place either a line of text or an image on its own pages which links to your website. The concept behind this is simple. If Website A decides to link to Website B that must mean Website B (at least in the eyes of Website A) is special. We all want to be special!

If Google perceive you to be special, then they perceive you to be popular. And Google want popular websites in their search results.

The more websites that link to you, the more popular Google will think you are. It’s widely considered that the number one factor in getting a website to rank well is links. However Google have thrown a slight spanner in the works. As of recently, it’s not so much about how many links there are to your website, but what those links are. In other words it quality not quantity.

A high quality link is defined as one which requires a lot of effort to get. And one which most others can’t get. So for example, let’s say the BBC made a documentary about web designers and we were featured in that documentary. If the BBC were then to mention us on their website and provide a link back to our site from theirs, Google would consider that link so high quality it’s off the scale!

By contrast, a low quality link could be a link from a website that has no relevancy to your line of business. So therefore has no ranking itself in Google. If you are a plumber and a family member or friend is a hair dresser and their newly created website links to yours that will carry no benefit at all.

Link building continued

To give further inspiration, we tried to gain a very high quality link by contacting WordPress. We asked them to place a link to our website in the business start up hosting recommendations of their website. Again this is a link that is difficult to get and it is from a reputable website.

In fact this link was so difficult to get, we didn’t actually get it! So the WordPress website is not linking to us, however it is this kind of out the box thinking that is required. Plus I am still working on it – dream big as they say.


At any given second, Google is trying to decide how to rank nearly a trillion web pages. YOU are the least important person to them. Once your website is made and all the right steps have been taken, all you can do is wait. It’s a slow process, and remember if you don’t pay Google anything, they owe you nothing.

Their technology will in its own time start to rank you in the search results. Our website took nearly 2 years to reach page 1, but we are in a very competitive industry.

It’s also important to remember, all the steps outlined in this guide are being taken by other website owners and not just you.

If you have the most perfect website ever, but a month later all your competition re-design their websites and make theirs’s more perfect than yours, then that will render all your efforts a waste of time.

Google Adwords

Most times when you do a search in Google, you will notice the first 4 websites at the top of the page. The last 4 at the bottom have a little green box next to the website address with the word “Ad” in it. Ad stands for advert. These sites are paying to be there. Quite simply they have given Google their credit card details. And every time someone clicks on their advert they get charged.

The charge is determined by how many other Adverts there are. Including what position the advertiser wants their advert to appear on the page.

You are in full control. Both of how much you want to spend per click, and how many clicks you want to pay for. This whole scheme is known as Google Adwords. We work with specific Google Adwords specialists so if you need a recommendation, do get in touch.

Google My Business

Sometimes when you type a search phrase into Google, a map appears at the top with all the local businesses pin pointed on that map.

Not only can you get your business listed on the map, but this is one of the few things that is free to do! Follow the link below to the introduction page and then click on the green start now button”.


If you are feeling stuck, in need of some advice or would like to discuss any packages associated with the above steps, please do get run touch with either Danielle at Black Nova Designs or myself, Tara, on 07812803921 or email – we’ll be happy to advise and don’t forget to take advantage of the complimentary 20 minute call.