Until a couple of months ago, Horseshoe Hearts relied on their Marketplace listing on an equestrian website and social media to generate their sales. Which had proved successful for them thus far. When I first spoke to them about PR, I recommended that it would be beneficial for them if they had their own WordPress website. Of which they were understandably a little apprehensive. It can be a big, scary commitment and many are concerned about costs. When Faye first spoke to Black Nova Designs, she actually realised that the price point was within her budget and was a reachable target!

Their website has been live over the Summer and into Autumn and they haven’t looked back. We learnt a little more about the benefits they’ve experienced during their time with Black Nova Designs.

What made you decide to get a website?

I think we wanted something that was really ‘us’ and just ‘ours’. An identity.. and I think a website really helps with building that. The design, colours and just having it laid out as we wanted and the content as we wanted. Plus it’s something that now it is there can continue to grow and evolve quite naturally I think.

What were your main concerns about getting a website?

Oh gosh, without a doubt all the technical stuff. We are really not techy minded, so it was just all completely mystifying. Had often considered building our own but without the know-how, it would require a lot of time and learning that we simply didn’t have. And cost. Well meaning people had often told us how expensive they were.

Was cost something that put you off having a website before you did?

Yes definitely, it was one of the big things holding us back as we believed we wouldn’t be able to afford it.  

How did you chose the website design company that you used?

We ended up putting together a proposal of what we felt we needed from a website. Then submitted it to various website designers. We sent the brief proposal so we know each web design company had the same information as the other so we had a basis for comparison with the quotes. As it turned out Black Nova Designs, who we decided to work with, were the most competitive with price, but were also the quickest with the quote and provided the most detailed explanation of what would be included. Their service and price made it easy to chose them.

Was the website building process made easy for you as the client?

Yes definitely. The hardest bit I think was maybe saying what we didn’t like. Because in any creative process between individuals there are bits that need changing before they become just right. So once we had got over the initial awkwardness of saying, actually, we don’t like this or that aspect, it then progressed really quickly and we have a functional website, that looks how we wanted. To be honest if I’d have known how easy it would be I would have done it a long time earlier!

Has having a website increased brand awareness and sales?

Yes, definitely I believe it has. I think having your own, secure of course, website can give your company more credibility and also helps a massive amount with brand awareness. Our site can also now feature our blog too, which is fantastic! In a couple of months the website had paid for itself through the sales received through it. It’s been amazing.

Do you find using the backend of the WordPress website easy enough to maintain?

Yes, i think so. I have not done as much behind the scenes as I would like, but as the nights begin to draw in I can see more time will be spent getting to grips with it all. It does all seem quite easy to follow, and you can always preview all you do. So don’t have to worry about getting it ‘wrong’. If I do really get stuck on anything I know Black Nova are there to lend a hand.

Would you recommend using WordPress as shopping platform for your products to others?

Without a doubt, yes. With the woocommerce plug in product listings are easy and it’s so easy to blog from. I truly am marvelled by how accessible it all is. I feel silly for not having set it all up before and it is just wonderful having our own little space for our small business. And so look forward to seeing it grow!
Please do go and check out the Horseshoe Hearts beautiful website and be sure to follow them on social media!