As we settle into the new ‘normal’ I’m reflecting on how many people are helping each other – and how Hooves & Love are dishing out happiness!

The current crisis has had such a wide ranging impact, hasn’t it? Some people have lost their jobs, others are furloughed and some people are learning to work from home for the first time. Lots of businesses, both large and small, are struggling and it’s been a very tough time for charities too. But we’re reminded day in, day out that it’s the NHS that’s holding the country together at this time. NHS workers and infrastructure are under extreme pressure and we all live in hope that we won’t have to use their services. 

I’ve been truly amazed by how many people are lending a hand to help others. From buying food for those shielding to connecting the unemployed with new job opportunities. Working for reduced rates or for free to help organisations make it through this crisis. Some are making face masks or sending cakes and snacks into busy hospitals for the staff. SO many people are stepping up. 

Hooves & Love spreading happiness

I’m proud of my PR and coaching clients for lots of reasons, but they’ve been amazing at the moment too. Emma, founder of Hooves & Love, has become a one-woman happiness machine! Hooves & Love has always been all about making people happy, but Emma has really stepped up her efforts. She normally runs a monthly campaign called ‘Nominate Me’. People can nominate either someone else or themselves to receive a gift from Hooves & Love. The idea is to reward acts of kindness with a beautiful box of loveliness! At a time when lots of people are going out their way to help others, Emma has upped her game. 

In March Emma increased the number of people who receive a gift via Nominate Me to 5. That’s 5 boxes of Hooves & Love goodness winging their way to lucky people around the UK. The March winners included a lady working in the NHS front line, putting on a brave face but terrified inside. There was a young girl with health problems and anxiety, and another lady who has just lost her horse and her job. If you know someone who deserves a treat, head here to tell Emma why they should win. 

Hooves & Love NHS Gift Duo

Buy a little gift and support the NHS!

Emma has also donated the packs of lip balm and hand cream used in her gift sets to her local hospital for NHS staff to use. We all know how sore our hands can get from all this washing, so it’s a really thoughtful idea. Emma has also reduced the price of the Hand and Lip Duo gift set and will donate all proceeds to her local NHS charity, Frimley Park Hospital Health Charity. If you would like to join Hooves & Love dishing out happiness – you can! You can help support their local NHS charity by buying your NHS Donation Gift for just £10.00 right here.