It’s now over 17 weeks since the UK went into full lockdown, and thankfully restrictions are now gradually being eased. But there are still limitations on where we can go and how many it’s OK to meet. Most of us grown-ups cope pretty well as we understand why we’re being asked not to hug people or go to a best friend’s house, but for kids it’s still pretty tough…

Rather boring birthdays…

It’s especially hard for kids who have birthdays at the moment. Instead of the usual excitement in the lead up to the big day, they don’t know if they can have a party, and even if one is planned for outside, a rainy day will scupper those plans! It’s not quite the same celebrating a birthday at indoors at home with just your parents and siblings, is it? No surprise trip out to their favourite horsey event with friends from the yard. I was so looking forward to my spring trips to Kentucky and Badminton horse trials, but of course it was all cancelled. It would be easy to feel downright gloomy about it all… and I’m a grown up!  

Plus, there is that all-important question of presents! Perhaps you’d planned to treat the birthday boy or girl in the shopping village at Burghley this Autumn? Or maybe the big day out was their present? Either way, you now have a task – don a mask and brave the shops, or sit at the laptop and find them a present to unwrap on the big day. Equestrian gifting company Hooves & Love is a favourite of mine and might just be the answer for kids birthdays! 

Hooves & Love saves the day

With Hooves & Love you can either take advantage of their ‘Ready Made’ gift boxes or choose to ‘Create Your Own’. There are cosy candles and fluffy socks, perfect for teenagers to shut the rest of the house away and relax. The Young Riders Gift Box, complete with a horsey print-covered notebook, will inspire them to make plans for when it’s time to return to the saddle. There’s also the Friendship Gift Box which includes a beautiful Hiho Silver bracelet. What better way to show off a love for equestrianism and spoil someone?

Young riders

So, if you’ve got a horse-mad child or teenagers’ birthday coming up soon, why not check out Hooves & Love? It’ll save you racking your brain for a present or wandering the aisles of the supermarket in search of something to wrap up! Plus, if you sign up for the Hooves & Love newsletter now you’ll get 10% off your first order. How’s that for good value in uncertain times?

Go on, take a look around!

Why not go and take a little look around? There are new products going live right now, so if kids birthdays are on the shopping list you’re bound to find something perfect at Hooves & Love…