Although many people are beginning to prefer barefoot over shoeing, there is a still a strong majority of us equestrians who permanently keep their horses shod in order to protect their hooves from hard ground and competition work and to help them balance and reduce anatomical injury.

Horseshoe HeartsWhen horses were first domesticated by the ancient Asian and then Roman emporia, horseshoes were made of leather, but these days, we tend to prefer steel to ensure maximum protection – it’s heavy, but it’s also sturdy, long lasting and relatively cheap.  Along with its durability and malleability it’s the perfect material for the job.

These traits offer a plethora of other uses for steel in construction work, homeware and particularly artisan sculpting.  So when farrier and artist partnership (Barry & Faye) looked at their mountain of steel, collected over time, all different shapes and sizes, from horses and ponies, young and old, they became intensely aware of the value and promise that this pile held – to each old horseshoe, there would be a proud owner, a loving rider, a committed equestrian, a passionate child, a true professional – each with stories to tell of their steeds and cherished memories to hold.

Equipped with the product, the imagination, their love for horses, wildlife and animal welfare and the need to be creative, the pair launched Horseshoe Hearts and they began to re-create the beauty of their used horseshoes.

A quick dip into their website will immediately portray how this dream has fulfilled itself as well as for many shoppers looking for that special item for their home, gift or practical purpose. 

Barry and Faye will also create fabulous items from their customer’s own horseshoes which are ideal for engraving – freestanding sculptures, photograph frames, bookends, door numbers, candle holders, lucky charms… and the list goes on.  For the perfect family Christmas they can even make you a personalised horseshoe Christmas stocking holder to hang by the chimney for that certain red coated gentleman. 

Horseshoe Hearts Original DrawingsAdditionally to this extraordinary talent, Horseshoe Hearts also offer original drawings.  Using her own precious journey into the mind and childhood images she created from pony stories and novels (the ones we all remember) Faye came to create inspiring and unique sketches and paintings which will hold a special place in horse lovers hearts, and adorn the walls of their home.

If you are beginning your Christmas shopping then Horseshoe Hearts is the first website you should visit. With an absolute deluge of perfect choices, we’re certain you’ll tick a huge amount from your list.  If you would like to send your own horseshoes to be beautifully transformed into a stunning Christmas gift, the deadline is 27th November 2018; and the last date for Christmas orders from this amazing resource is 15th Dec.