Grooming is a wonderful way to bond with your horse. It can help you build that all-important partnership and trust with them. But equally you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing at your horse every time you want to ride.

This is particularly pertinent if you have a grey who loves to use the dirtiest bits of the stable to snooze in! Or perhaps you have a total mud lover!

Horses with sensitive skin can also find having dirt and sweat stains brushed off really quite uncomfortable. 

So, what can you do to avoid daily baths or lengthy grooming sessions?

We all love ways to save ourselves some precious time. Whether that’s so that we can spend a little longer in the saddle or maybe actually see our loved ones (the loved ones with just two legs and who don’t live in a stable) once in a while.  

Step up the Epona Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer!

I’ve been using this brilliant grooming sponge on my darling Ollie for a few months now. I can honestly say it is a revelation!

The groomer works just like a cat’s tongue (the clue is in the name here) to lift dirt up and away from the skin and coat. White leg markings or grey coats are easily turned gleaming. And sweat tide marks disappear with ease.

There are other brilliant benefits too.

It can be used wet or dry.

The groomer will also give a soothing massage at the same time you use it. It collects dirt and dust. Meaning that it won’t spread back on you, your horse or your carefully-cleaned tack! It can also be used to buff hoof walls. For a perfect finish to your grooming regime. 

So where can you get your paws on a miraculous Tiger’s Tongue?

They are made by the popular American equine brand Epona Products. You can find them at TRI Equestrian, TRI Equestrian NI, Equine Products UK and also Old Mill Saddlery.

I now spend less time scrubbing at poor Ollie’s legs and girth line. Thus, meaning we have more time for exploring the beautiful Cotswold countryside together! Now that’s worth every penny of the £7.95 it costs – take a look here: