If you’re getting ready for a summer of equestrian competition (or just bonding with your horse!) we love Hooves & Love grooming kit for an extra-special shine!

This week it’s been a whole month since equestrian sport started up again in England – how quickly has that gone?! After the winter lockdown it’s been a real treat to see social media posts from riders enjoying being back out and about. Even if you’re not a keen competitor, the slight relaxing of rules has meant clinics and group lessons resuming, and that means more fun in the saddle. One of the truly wonderful things about equestrianism is how all-encompassing it is.

The most incredible bond

There are an estimated 847,000 horses here in Britain and so many people dedicated to caring for them. Whether you love hacking out just a handful of times a week or train all day, every day and make it your entire career, we all have one thing in common. We’ve developed a bond with these amazing flight animals which enables us to ride them, drive them and even load them into trailers and transport them along motorways. It really does amaze me what horses allow us to do with them. 

For lots of us horse owners, the aim is to finesse that bond; to make it as strong as possible and see where it can take us. And there are a lot of avenues to choose from! There is dressage, show jumping, eventing, driving, team chasing, point-to-point and endurance to name just a few! That means there are opportunities for the bravest riders, as well as those who like to take life at a more sedate pace… Regardless of how and where you enjoy time with your horse, it’s great to look good doing it.

A wonderful example of this is the online dressage competitions we saw during lockdown. It was remotely judged, but still important to turn the horse out as you would for a real dressage test. A good groom can also be part of that bonding process and it can be really relaxing to boot.

Getting that ‘show day’ gleam

Which leads us on to grooming kit! Do you have one grooming kit for every day and another for best? I have some lovely brushes that I wouldn’t want to see dropped in a bucket of water or left lying in the yard. My ‘show day’ brushes are high quality and they stay tucked away apart from on special occasions! They’re designed to get every last speck of dust to the surface and flick it away for a gleaming shine. If you don’t have a few brushes for best, I recommend the investment!

personalised grooming brushes from hooves & love

These gorgeous, personalised brushes, part of several best-selling Hooves & Love gift boxes, are perfect for that special occasion grooming kit. The high-quality brushes include a Haas wooden-back body brush, a goat hair face brush, a wooden-handle hoof pick and a natural Mexican fibre dandy brush. All these items can be personalised with you or your horse’s name or initials. That means no-one else can claim your beautiful Hooves & Love grooming kit!

Hooves & Love also stocks Topline Naturals leather balm, shampoo and hoof dressing. Made from 100% natural ingredients, the products are also kind to the horse’s skin. Any of these items can be found in a ready-made gift box or used to ‘create your own’. They make fabulous gifts for fellow horse lovers seeking success in the ring. Or you could treat you and your horse to some swish new grooming kit! Shop Hooves & Love here.