That classic horse person problem – lack of time and money! We spend a lot (yes, OK all) of our disposable income on our four-legged friends and most of our time at the yard. Whatever time we have left over after mucking out, riding, poo picking and grooming is often spent planning the next schooling or competing outing.

That means that for horsey folk two things are normally true. We watch every penny and our spare time is precious. When we need to buy something new, we want to make sure that:

  1. It’s good value
  2. It’s packed full of useful features
  3. that it’s as easy and quick as possible to get our paws on our purchase.

Just Jodz is a company focused on just one thing – bringing affordable, feature packed and high quality riding leggings, jodhpurs and breeches to equestrian-loving ladies. By narrowing their efforts to just one area, Just Jodz are able to do it right. They offer products that are incredibly good value for money. And are designed make the clothing fun, comfortable and functional for everyday wear.

Here’s my round-up of the key features of the Just Jodz collection and why they should matter to you:

High quality, innovative materials

Just Jodz have selected materials for each of their product ranges that ensure ultimate comfort and performance. A cotton mix with four-way stretch elastane ensures all-day wear and durability while being seriously soft. Polyester blend means support and shaping as well as comfort in the saddle.

The Silicone Breeches are made from a bamboo fibre fabric blend. Bamboo fibre has been selected thanks to the wide range of benefits it offers for the wearer, in addition to being ethical and sustainable. It is also anti-bacterial. So will stay smelling fresh no matter how hard you work. It wicks moisture away from the skin and it insulates to keep the wearer warm in cool weather. Finally, bamboo fibre blocks harmful UV rays, making it the ideal choice for equestrians exposed to the sun all day long.


I’m going to bang on about it just one last time. We all know that owning and/or riding horses is extremely expensive, and every spare penny counts. I also know plenty of people who buy expensive feed, supplements and tack for their horse but drive old bangers and have threadbare riding clothes. The Just Jodz range is so, so affordable. There’s no compromise on quality and style. Founder Lea has set up a lean and efficient online business that keeps cost down, and she passes on the low cost to her customers. Perfect!

Bright colours

I totally understand why everyday riding clothing is often dark in colour. Looking after horses can be pretty grubby work, right? But I firmly believe the chance to wear colourful and bright riding trousers shouldn’t be limited to show days. Just Jodz have some gorgeous colours to choose from including bright pink, baby blue, stunning cobalt, beautiful burgundy and on-trend slate grey. There are also plenty of ‘traditional’ colours to choose from. Including navy, forest green, black, cream, canary and white. Rumour has it that some even snazzier designs are on the cards which is tremendously exciting news!

Feature packed

Whether it’s the fleece lining of Just Jodz thermal underbreeches or the giant mobile phone pocket in the riding leggings, the whole Just Jodz range doesn’t compromise on those all-important little details.  There are grippy-knee silicon breeches for those who like to feel super-secure in the saddle. Lycra sock bottoms on the riding leggings to ensure they won’t worm their way up underneath long boots. There is also a whole host of other brilliant features which you might not expect to find at the amazing price.

Finally, take a look here to see what I mean about feature packed here: