At the end of January, I ran a FREE 3 day PR challenge over on my Facebook page (if you haven’t already, you can follow it here: The aim of the challenge was to help, guide and advise on how to create your own successful PR campaign.

The PR challenge was a HUGE success! It was so great to receive messages of realisation as people truly understood how they can use PR to their advantage. One business owner even produced a press release, sent it off and had it published during those 3 days! A feat that she admits she wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing beforehand.

The feedback was great. But, it became apparent that people wanted the notes behind those 3 days to use in the future. So I’ve compiled the teachings into the bite-size pieces of info as per below.

Good luck!

Day 1

Before you even try and get coverage in publications, you need to make sure your branding is on point. Consider;

  • Is your branding up together? By that I mean your fonts, colours, logo usage. Aim to have the same profile picture across all of your social channels – it’ll help with your identity when people try to find you online
  • What message are you portraying online? Ensure your content is all aimed at your ideal client (if you aren’t sure who your ideal client is, you can find out here: Which social platforms should your business be on?)
  • Make sure your social content is all professional – it amazes me how often I see brands dissing other companies or complaining on their business page. Not professional so DON’T do it!
  • Is your website ready? There’s no point sending a press release if you don’t have somewhere to send the traffic! Make sure your website is ready with good quality images, lots of info and up to date pricing (plus stock available!)

Start targeting

Once your digital presence is ready, it’s time to start the targeting.

Coverage for Pegasus Jewellery in the This Month We Love column in Your Horse Magazine
  1. Where do you want to be featured? Why do you want to be featured? Is there a certain buyers guide or wish list you’d like to feature in?
  2. Buy a couple of magazines, the ones you want to be featured in. Start to look through and imagine where you can see your business featuring, such as ‘New Product’ guides, ‘This Month We Love’ columns and ‘Wish Lists’ and write them down.
  3. Next you need to explore who is in charge of that feature, find the editor or journalist and find their email.
  4. Email them! Ensure your subject line is informative. Journalists get hundreds of emails every day so yours needs to stand out!
  5. Attach a high res image plus some info about your product. Make the editor or journalists life easier, if you’d like to put your product forward for the This Month We Love column, say so!
  6. Don’t follow up – it’s a real no no! You just need to wait and see if your information is used. Bear in mind magazines work 2 – 3 months ahead so might be a couple of months by the time it comes out, be patient!

Day 2

So you’ve secured your coverage, what now? Make sure you share the coverage. Being featured in a magazine develops authority with your audience. You’ve been featured as the journalist believes in you. Share share share!

Please do ensure you keep your social marketing consistent. A feature in a magazine is wasted if you aren’t holding up your end of the deal. So show up, be consistent and continue promoting on social media.

This will support the feature nicely. A potential new customer needs to see your brand 7 times before they’ll trust you enough to make a purchase. So, make sure you’re showing up on social to increase that number!

You can also add a ‘As seen in’ part of your website. Again, this increases your authority as a brand and is something to be proud of when you start to add a nice collection of magazine logos.

Lastly, blog about it!

How did it make you feel to be featured? Is your brand now in a magazine you’ve been reading since you were a child? Share that story. Let your followers know how immensely proud you feel and what it really means to you. Be genuine and honest – remember, people buy from people.

Day 3

Hyde & Hare photoshoot
Hyde & Hare photoshoot

On the final day of the challenge, we covered 3 key ways you can increase your chances of being featured.

  • Imagery. Images are key. I can’t express that enough. They need to be high resolution for print, but also you should aim for a mix of product shots (with a white background) and lifestyle. Some magazines only publish white background so those are vital.
  • Photographers aren’t as expensive as you might think and it really can be the difference between being published and not.
  • Do the journalists job for them! If you want to be in the New Product guide, say so! Don’t just send a press release and hope for the best. In highlighting the feature you’d love to be in, it looks as if you’ve done your research and are committed to the cause. Brownie points!
  • Be consistent. PR isn’t a short term fix. It’s a long term investment. You shouldn’t just send off one press release and hope for the best. You should regularly be in conversation, sending new products you have and putting products forward for potential inclusion when relevant. Aim for once per month.

That concludes the foolproof method we use to get some of the very best coverage for our clients, in relevant, highly sought after publications. I’d love to know how you get on so drop me an email and let me know if this has helped you – [email protected]

If you’re still feeling a little baffled, I’d be more than happy to book a call to discuss further and go through anything else in detail! Happy PR’ing – let’s make this year the best EVER!