We’re just a few days away from 2019 now! And as you read this you most likely have a full tummy. As well as a list of Christmas movies you still need to watch! If so, lucky you and enjoy every moment! But what comes next, once we’ve welcomed in the New Year and waved goodbye to the holidays for another year? Perhaps you’ve been setting out your aims for 2019 already or you’re yet to really think about them. Either way, if you are going to set some New Year’s resolutions you will not be alone. For me, it’s more about trying to keep the list short and sweet, and not get carried away!

New Years resolutions

Now, if you’re one of the people who tie personal happiness to a four-hooved mud monster, New Year’s resolutions will often encompass some horsey aims too. Are you hoping to own your own horse in 2019? Progress to your very first competition or scale new heights in your chosen discipline? If you are setting a competitive equestrian goal then some may have to wait until the weather improves a little. Schooling or fitness work can be tricky to do with dark evenings and grotty weather sticking around!

foxyequestrian2There are other things you can get on with to work toward your goals, some of which you can do in the comfort of your cosy home while sleet, snow, rain or wind lurk the other side of the windows. If you’re aiming for your first hunter trials in 2019 why not make a list of courses near you and make a plan? If it’s affiliated or unaffiliated eventing that you’re aiming to conquer then you can set out a budget for how many competitions you want to aim for. Then make a training programme and think about the kit you might need to find. Could brand-new cross-country colours be on your list? Introducing FoxyEquestrian’s beautiful cross-country colours!

Made personal to you

FoxyEquestrian’s iconic hat silks quite rightly ensured the brand has caught the attention of horsey folk across the UK. Did you know that not only are they totally customisable, but you can also match them with bespoke base layers. In order to create colours that are totally unique to you? My personal favourite is an elegant dove grey combined with rose gold stars and a taupe pom. But you really can create whatever you like.  There are so many variations that you’ll be able to show your ‘true colours’ and personality while you thunder towards success. Or even hold on tight and hope for the best!!

Founder Sophie Sacco adores the chance to help customers design their own cross-country colours, whether they are competing as an individual in a discipline where they need colours, or part of a team chasing squad, university riding team or Pony Club. Why not drop her a line and see what you could create? Now, time to rootle around in the tack room and see how many overreach boots and bandages made it through 2018 without being left behind at events…