What a year it’s been for Black Nova Designs… Despite being started as a part time project alongside employment for I.T. supremo and Founder Kyle Holmes, BND has now turned into an award-winning agency with a wonderful, growing team to support the local community and now celebrates its first birthday.

But how did it all start?

Black Nova Designs was officially launched as a part time sideline for Kyle while he was in employment. He knew he wanted to help people with all things I.T. but also wanted to carry on working. It wasn’t for another 6 years that the decision was made to make the plunge and go full time with the growing agency.

Kyle had the knowledge, desire, motivation and determination to make it work. But in the early days, that wasn’t quite enough. His I.T. knowledge was second to none but the ‘how to run a business’ angle isn’t so readily available. 

Who knew you needed to register with Companies House, do a tax return and open a company bank account?! And then have the skills to not only do what you love. But all the other bits like sales, marketing and accounts?!

Kyle was a determined person though and to learn the skills he required he went and did his Prince’s Trust course to try and establish further skills into running a business. This course opened his mind to ensure he had a strong business plan, a 5 year strategy and a goal to work towards.

More than just a business partner…

Danielle and Kyle, Co-Directors of Black Nova Designs
Danielle and Kyle, Co-Directors of Black Nova Designs

In 2015 Kyle met Danielle, who was qualified in accounts and had experience in running a business. She was a natural in Sales and Marketing. Danielle, who qualified with her AAT qualification at 21, has helped with Parish Council accounting as well as doing the accounts for small local businesses. 

However there was one issue, Danielle had no I.T. knowledge. So to be able to sell the products she needed to learn lots in a short space of time.

Out came YouTube, Google tutorials, Online Courses (shaw academy mostly) and a few late night tutorials from Kyle. Danielle soon became not only more knowledgeable but started to love what could be achieved within the digital world. 

Desire to succeed

So with her new skills Danielle quit her day job as a part time Credit Controller. Her role at Black Nova Designs was created… 

But within a short space of time working from home Danielle was also accepted as the Accounts Manager for the the credible equine nutrition brand, KeyFlow Feeds, a job she loved.

KeyFlow gave me the opportunity to work from home while building our start up business BND. I will forever be grateful to KeyFlow for that opportunity. I loved my job at KeyFlow and the connections, friendship and lessons I learnt while working for them are invaluable.”

With the love for horses and degree in accounts this position was like a dream come true for Danielle. It meant she could build the Black Nova brand, be a parent and work from home with a reliable income. At the end of the day we all dream of doing something we love and getting paid to do it.

Kyle got a new job with Capita in 2016, again this was a new full time role within the tech industry. He loved the role but realised all evenings and weekends were spent on BND. Resulting in him being consumed by the workload. This role gave Kyle the further knowledge, skills and independence required to one day go full time in what still was his dream.

A growing team

In June 2017, Melissa joined the team part time, Melissa came with WordPress experience and some basic IT knowledge along with the excellent customer service skills required to work for a family run company. This meant the pressure on Kyle was slightly less and allowed him a bit more time to stay at Capita while Black Nova continued to grow.

Melissa helped the business continue to grow while still producing the high standard of work required. Originally starting on 16 hours a month in 2017, she is now contracted to 60 hours! With full time hours on the horizon.

She pays a key role within our team, often holding down the phones, creating websites from a complete blank canvass all while being a keen team player. On top of a large determination to always want to learn more.

January saw 2018 Kyle requested part time hours at Capita. But his role was unfortunately not suited to that possibility. Therefore 4 months before their wedding in 2018 – the biggest financial commitment of their lives, Kyle left Capita.

In our heads we have always planned for Kyle to leave Capita. But never did we imagine it would be as soon as he did.

Best Web Design Agency - Wiltshire
2018 Best Web Design Agency – Wiltshire

So there it is, Kyle left Capita exactly one year ago! 

Great plans

Black Nova has been alive and kicking since 2012. And was a registered business though Companies house since then. But it was only in the 2018/2019 financial year that Black Nova had to sustain two full time wages. As well as pay for a part time member of staff, a wedding and an office move all in one year!

And won two Website Design awards – how amazing is that!

2019/2020 is going to see the company become VAT registered. Currently hiring more staff and building on the empire of their dreams.

“Thank you for being part of our journey! We really do love what we do, we have a strong team and cannot wait to build on that. The difference between us and other companies is that not only do we truly care about our clients we work with but we want to try and make this scary IT online world less confusing to all,” Danielle concludes. 

To find out more about what Black Nova Designs can offer you or your business head over to our website – https://www.blacknovadesigns.co.uk