As Christmas draws ever closer for another year I have put together my favourite pieces for my Equestrian Gift Guide. All of which are sure to delight this Christmas!

Lets start with Hooves & Love, they offer a plethora of gorgeous gift boxes but this one I love above the rest! The Hug and Snuggle Gift Box offers the recipient a huge hug in a box. Including a horse print shawl, deliciously scented candle and a lip butter and hand cream. All of which make for a perfect way to unwind after a long day.

If you are looking for an extravagant gift consider the HG One Plus from Haygain. This is a great gift for a loved one with a small yard or one or two four legged beasts. As it is designed to feed 1 horse for everyday use on the yard or for steaming hay when travelling to shows. Due to it’s lightweight and compact design it is well suited to smaller yards and fits easily on the lorry too!

For the glam lady in your life the 3 in 1 sparkle necklace from Pegasus Jewellery is the most wonderful gift! Because why have one necklace when you can have three? This unique Pegasus Horseshoe necklace can be worn three ways: horseshoe with centered CZ Pendant, horseshoe on its own or simply as a CZ claw set solitaire. What more could you want from a single purchase!

Ever dreamt of competing at 5* level? Huff Equestrian have the perfect thing to keep our hopes alive! This collection celebrates every Eventer’s dreams – amateur or professional! It is perfect for teaming with Equi-leggings, breeches or jeans for creating the perfect relaxed and comfy look. It is also great for wearing post Christmas dinner!

Every equestrian starts, finishes of supplement their busy day with a cup of tea of coffee. This mug from Samberwill Equestrian is perfect for just a job! It is not just any horse logo though, it is in fact the horse that inspired the brand. So you can be sure you are supporting a fabulous company and their aspirations to empower their customers whilst you sip your preferred beverage to warm up!

So, picture it, you are heading to or from a competition with your tack, boots, bandages, the lot. Maybe you have had a long journey or a rushed start and everything is in a bit of a muddle in the boot of you car or locker in the lorry. Tidy Tack Rooms have the solution to our messy woes! The Rolling Tack Trunk Bag makes keeping your tack at home for security so much easier – you can move all of your equipment to and from the car in one go.

Another fabulous gift from Total Impact Equestrian is their Wool GP Numnah. This is a stunningly soft lambswool numnah that your horse will thank you for buying! The natural fibre wicks away sweat, but makes no bulk under your leg. Meaning your horses will be super happy this Christmas!

Do you find that during the Winter you need to ride in a big coat to keep warm yet as soon as you go galloping or schooling you get too got? Apt Cavalier have created this incredible performance skin in an equally incredible colour to ensure this doesn’t happen to us any more! The innovative, sports mesh panel is expertly designed to dramatically reduce sweat under your body protector!

Cold toes are one of my biggest bug bares during the Winter. I fond once I’m cold I find it so hard to get warm again so these riding socks from Cool Horse Socks are a god send! They are a full length riding sock with the brands 2019 technical foot features, which makes them not only cosy but sturdy enough to wear day in day out.

Dark mornings and evenings really do mean it is super important to ensure we are wearing reflective clothing. JustJodz have an incredible high viz product that also features bright LED lights that have three flashing modes for maximum visibility! What could be more important than ensuring your loved one is safe on the roads this Christmas!

This beautiful leather field boot from The Wide Boot Co has been designed to offer a traditional look with extra comfort and a slimming effect for a wider calf. Which is perfect for ladies who want to have a gorgeous pair of full length boots to call their own! An elegant squared off toe and elasticated front laces finish off a classic look suitable for the dressage arena or any other discipline.

Finally, the ultimate gift, an entirely new arena surface from TopRide! Better still it would be easy to sneak onto the yard as a surprise as the surface is supremely easy to install as it can be placed directly onto the stone with no pre-surface treatment required! It is also exceptionally easy to maintain and only ever require rolling – meaning it is technically almost one step away from wrapping up a new four legged friend – and is much easier to look after!

I hope this equestrian gift guide has given you some inspiration for the big day and all that is left from me is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy shopping! TP x