The wellness trend has permeated nearly every area of our busy lives. We can buy apps to help us be mindful first thing in the morning. Fitness-tracking wearables tell us how much we have (or haven’t!) moved every day. And recipe kits packed with healthy food can even be delivered right to our doorstep. It’s no bad thing at all and amazing to see so much focus on helping people look after their health and be happy.

Taking the idea of self-improvement a little bit further, it’s now perfectly normal to have a long list of goals. The plan to achieving that goal is vital in aiding us in achieving both personal and professional ambitions. Continuous improvement and marginal gains are no longer a term reserved for Team Sky cycling fanatics and Olympians.

Whether it’s your running time, dressage result or daily step count, so many of us are looking to make daily small improvements. These improvements can add up to tangible positive change. Or at the very least that good feeling that comes when you’ve achieved something special! Sticking to goals can be tricky but with support, those plans can fall into place. 

Founder Emily Lloyd

I know that my riding ambitions can easily be brushed under the carpet when I get busy with work. I keep my horse on our farm and so I don’t always have a network of support. Finding people to motivate me to get out there and compete. Any online support and a tried and tested method of goal setting and tracking for me and Ollie would be just brilliant!  

Eequine – horse and human health plus a riding instructor in your pocket!

I truly feel that Eequine is a very special business that enables people who are passionate about horses and health to access a wide range of information and support to help them improve their riding.

Founder Emily Lloyd has spent her career teaching. She’s successfully set up rider fitness courses, managed livery yards and worked with troubled horses. Taking time with those who need a second chance to help them find their home. Emily truly adores helping people with their horses and their own fitness and riding ability. Eequine really is the conduit for all of her knowledge surrounding horses and their health.

The range of products and services on offer includes the brilliant ‘Instructor in Your Pocket’, a digital riding school where users can send Emily images and videos of them riding for her to assess, as well as recording questions and asking her to motivate them for their latest challenge. Emily is perfectly placed to help drive your riding ambitions forward. She’s even quite happy to be ‘that annoying voice in your head’!

‘Mechanical Millie’

There is also ‘Mechanical Millie,’ a portable Equisimulator that enables riders to work on posture, weight aids, balance, straightness and more, all while free from any worries about gremlins in carrier bags or spooky leaves in the corner of the school.

Emily has also set up an Eequine members area for equine entrepreneurs who are looking for some extra motivation and support, or a forum to share ideas. There are also heaps of informative blogs to read for support. Be sure to sign up to the mailing list too!

If you’ve got aims and ambitions for the competitive season or simply want to work towards a better riding future, and keep your horse healthy, I highly recommend a look at the Eequine website: