Well, you probably use both every day, but that might be where your knowledge ends! But did you know that they are actually totally different things, even though people tend to use the terms interchangeably? In this article IT and website whizzes Black Nova Designs take a closer look at the difference between the Wi-Fi and the internet, and reveal how working with a Wi-Fi specialist could help your equestrian or agricultural business thrive.

What is Wi-Fi?

Let’s look at this in the context of your home internet and Wi-Fi. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is normally contracted to get the internet from your local exchange to your premises. Anything beyond that master socket (the telephone socket in the wall) is where their obligation ends. Many ISPs will provide you with a simple router, which uses wireless networking technology to send and receive signals from nearby devices. That’s how computers, game consoles, smartphones, laptops and even house alarms are often connected to the internet. You pay them for internet access, but Wi-Fi is a totally separate issue. 

Wi-Fi struggles…

So why do some people struggle with Wi-Fi access in their homes or places of work? Well, as a society, our demands on our Wi-Fi are getting ever higher. So many elements of home life are online. From ordering food online, watching Netflix and using Amazon Fire Sticks to Instagram and Facebook…. it’s endless. We need a consistently strong Wi-Fi signal for them to work properly.

Plus, one little simple router isn’t always powerful enough to do all that, especially in homes with a big footprint or old stone walls and lots of floors! The same goes for outdoorsy businesses like stables, farms and camping sites – one little router in an office isn’t going to help the internet reach wireless devices in a barn hundreds of feet away. If you’ve invested in wireless-enabled technology for your business, you might just need some Wi-Fi help!

Helping Wi-Fi go further

If you quickly Google how to improve your Wi-Fi, you might find articles talking about products which can extend or boost your signal and that promise the world. Here at Black Nova Designs we would strongly advise you not to go down that route. We’ve seen people try that and still have to call on us to help anyway. A Wi-Fi booster will simply amplify the output of your router so if that device is struggling with demand, the booster won’t help. Thankfully there is another way. Ensuring you have strong, reliable wireless access across your business is essential if you’ve invested in technology to bring your farm into the digital era… 

Photo by Peter Kleinau on Unsplash

How Black Nova Designs can help you

Employing the services of a qualified Wi-Fi specialist will help. It will enable you to have Wi-Fi working across your home, garden, farm and even the car park! Black Nova Designs is one of the only qualified Ubiquiti specialists in the area, and we offer free site surveys to businesses and homes in Wiltshire. We have worked with plenty of farming and equestrian businesses, helping them make Wi-Fi work for them. The world is only going to become more digital which means greater reliance on the internet. That will means it’s essential to have a proper Wi-Fi setup – it will be worth the investment!

Why not get in touch for a chat to see how Black Nova can help you get amazing Wi-Fi?  https://www.blacknovadesigns.co.uk/network-wifi-installations/