Many business owners have their business email address as etc. While this is the easiest way for you to set up a ‘business’ address, it’s actually not the best way to do so. I caught up with Black Nova Designs to find out why.  

“When you use as @hotmail, @outlook, @aol (etc) email address you’re actually violating the new GDPR laws which came into play on May 25th.This is because they’re deemed as personal email addresses and you therefore can’t be seen to be keeping, saving or emailing fellow business owners and clients from a personal email account without consent. Therefore, sending from a ‘personal’ email address rather than a professional email address for your business is a questionable subject. Professional email addresses can be created at minimal cost and set up really rather easily. We are here to help and can do everything with you,” Danielle of Black Nova explains. 

“Customers expect your business to have a domain name and a website. An email address like tells people you’re serious about your business. Free email services, such as Gmail and Yahoo, are great for personal use, but when you use a free email account for business purposes, people will start to doubt your professionalism and credibility. 

What are the advantages that come with having a custom email address?

  1. Simplicity

When you have a custom domain email address, it is easier for people to contact you. Your audience will find your personalized email address easier to remember when they need it. As long as they know your domain name, they can remember your email address.

  1. Credibility

People are more likely to engage with a website or company that has a custom email address. It makes you appear more official and better prepared to handle their queries.

  1. Personalization

With your custom email address, you can also create a variety of addresses based on your needs. For example, you can create one for each purpose or department that you have. If you’re a business, you can create one for the billing, sales, and tech support departments. Or if you have a blog, you can create custom addresses based on the needs of your viewers like or

No matter what kind of website you have, a custom email address to match your domain can help you achieve your goals.

What else can I do with a domain email address that I can’t with a free email platform?

When you own your domain name, you can set up email aliases (or email forwarders). 

For example, say you have created the domain email address With our hosting services, you can also create email aliases such as and, and have all emails sent to the aliases forwarded to your main domain email address. This way, you are creating the illusion of an organized, professional company. And because you own your domain name, you are no longer tied to an email service provider or an ISP. If you use a Gmail address for your business, you are tied to Gmail. What if you want to change email service providers and what if you want to use services, such as encryption, that Gmail does not offer? You’re stuck. 

By using your own domain name, you have the flexibility and option to use any email hosting provider you like. For example, you can transfer your domain email hosting from GoDaddy to BlueHost and to us anytime you want. If you have hosting with us, why not use the domain email that comes free with your account? Did you know that all of our hosting packages offer email as part of the package?

To set up your email account please contact us and we can provide you with the full instructions to add the email address to your pc, laptop or mobile device.”

Huge thanks to Black Nova Designs for their fabulous input. Do please get in touch with them if you have any questions at all!

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