Ok I am going to let you into one of the best kept secrets – internet and Wifi are not the same thing! You can have full wifi signal but no internet whatsoever…

Sounds baffling right?

Let the experts at Black Nova Designs explain…

“It sounds complicated. And to start with it might seem that way. But in short your internet provider has no obligation what so ever to provide you with good wifi signal. Whether throughout your home, business or garden shed –  you pay them to provide internet to your premises. And their responsibility ends there. Any equipment after the telephone socket (master socket) is your responsibility.

It just so happens the router your internet provider supplies you with, gives out a wireless signal but there are many routers that don’t.

In most cases you are allowed to purchase a good quality 3rd party router, you can also get a wireless specialist in like us to advise the best way to make your wireless work for you.

Wireless has always been around, but the requirements we have for it has quadrupled. We expect wifi to miraculously run xbox, Netflix, Facebook, kid’s laptops, CCTV. And sometimes home alarms and much more. The simple router that the ISP (internet service provider) provide is not always ‘man enough’ to cope with that sort of demand.

A wired in WAP (wireless access point) is one of the ways you can increase the wireless coverage without losing speed.

Have you upgraded your router & positioned it correctly?

Positioning of your router can play a vital part in the performance of your internet and WI-FI. Placing a router near/behind other devices (e.g. TV’s, Microwaves) or stuffed in a cupboard can drastically decrease the performance of your wi-fi connection. Causing you to suffer from poor internet performance.

Also are you using the latest router? Either aftermarket or provider provided, or is it the same one you have had for years? As technology has grown many new features have come out. Many are designed to support more devices and provide a better connection. Where the old devices don’t have this technology causing you to suffer from poor connections, drop-outs and even complete outages.

There are a number of ways you can increase your wireless coverage

We recommend you take into consideration the size of the premises and the thickness of the walls. Right down to the amount of devices connected. As well as what level of usage you require. Once you know these you can then make a calculated decision on what wireless setup is going to work best for your environment. If you are worried or confused we offer a free site survey within 20 miles of our office to anyone looking to find out the best options available.

Just to reiterate, you pay monthly for internet to the premises – wireless is totally separate and something we can support with. 

This blog post – Top 10 Reasons your Home WI-FI or Network isn’t working for you! – has some great top tips to help with your connectivity as well as – The Difference between Wireless Access Points and Wireless Repeaters. 

If you have any questions at all. Or would like a no obligation call to discuss your options please call 01793210045 or email sales@blacknovadesigns.co.uk.