Equine physiotherapy is sometimes overlooked by otherwise well-meaning and diligent horse owners, so often viewed as a luxury reserved only for expensive sports horses and pampered leisure horses, or as a necessity when a horse is so sore it no longer tolerates what the rider is asking it to do. But there’s so much more to veterinary physio than patching up horses when they are sore.  Any physio or vet will tell you the very same thing – prevention of an injury is vastly preferable to treatment of an injury. It is very often only when a horse receives its very first physiotherapy session from a fully-trained professional that the owner is aware of how many small issues and tight and knotty muscles the animal had and realises that regular session might be a very good idea indeed!

Kirsty treating one of her canine clients

I spent my time at the Royal Agricultural University getting to know how horses work from the inside out and in doing so developed an appreciation of the therapies available to help keep them in good shape and patch them up when injury does occur. Equine veterinary physiotherapy is a wonderful tool to assess and treat injuries and identify subtle changes in your animals, as well as keeping them supple and well to prevent injuries occurring in the first place.

The Crescent Veterinary Physiotherapy offers a range of treatments for equines and small animals in Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire and is run by Kirsty Wilson, who has a postgraduate Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy and a Diploma in Equine Sports Massage. The Crescent’s offering cleverly includes pay-per-month packages for regular physiotherapy sessions to keep niggles and injuries at bay, so that dedicated and caring owners are able to ensure their horse or dog (or both!) are in the best possible shape. Kirsty has come to veterinary physiotherapy and animal massage a little later in life, but her previous employment in fashion and working with fabrics has given her an unbeatable skill – the ability to detect the slightest changes in texture, heat and tone when palpating muscles and other tissues.

Specialist equine physiotherapy

My very own Ollie is an ex-racehorse and I’ve completely fallen in love with this intelligent, sensitive and athletic breed. It was fabulous to see that Kirsty at the Crescent Veterinary Physiotherapy is just as into thoroughbreds as I am and offers bespoke packages for horses coming out of training. From getting to know Ollie I have learnt that no matter how beautifully they have been cared for in their previous life, former racehorses tend to have some niggling physical issues to iron out when leave their old career behind.

There’s something else that resonates about Kirsty’s business that made me sit up and pay attention – she offers her customers free advice on the telephone and is constantly striving for personal development. It’s great to come across businesses that want to add value where they can and provide something a little bit special for their customers – that’s what I aim for every day! Take a look at the Crescent Veterinary Physiotherapy’s website here and you’ll see exactly what I mean: https://www.thecrescentvetphysio.co.uk/about/