Christmas is one of my absolute favourite times of the year, finding the perfect gifts for my friends and family. As well as looking forward to cosy days with loved ones and getting ready for glittering festive parties. I start looking forward to Christmas as soon as the leaves start to turn and we wave goodbye to the lighter evenings. Of course, the festive season can get a little bit stressful. Especially when there is an enormous list of gift ideas for people to buy presents for. As well as heaps of wrapping to do. Including a social calendar that means your feet don’t touch the floor for days on end. So I always try to get started as early as possible on that gift list to keep Christmas itself for having fun!

Personalised gift ideas

I love to try and find people presents that they can’t get just anywhere, and something that really suits their personality. I’m lucky to work with heaps of businesses who offer something a little bit different from the high street products. FoxyEquestrian is the latest to join that list. FoxyEquestrian was founded by Sophie Sacco in the Wiltshire countryside. With the aim of crafting bright, beautiful and bespoke equestrian accessories. All of which will help riders really stand out from the crowd.

So, what from the fabulous Foxy collection might I be eyeing up as perfect gifts for my friends? I adore the brilliant Faux Fur Pom Hat Silks. Which as the name would suggest, are hat silks and velvets. Available in a rainbow of amazing colours and a range of pompom options. Which can then be personalised with stars, four leaf clovers, unicorns… the list just goes on and on! I particularly love a dove grey hat silk and base layer combination. Decorated with rose gold stars and a matching buff pompom, in case anyone is taking note…

Perfect for any age

If you’ve got children to buy for, particularly those who are keen on everything countryside, then I reckon the FoxyEquestrian Cub Classics will be right up their street. Bright colours, tractors and the smart fox logo would have made these hoodies and t-shirts my favourite things to wear back when I was a fair amount younger than I am now!

There are also some wonderful ear warmers that are designed to clip onto the harness of a riding hat. They keep the wearers ears toasty warm throughout their ride. If you know anyone who spends hours in the saddle during winter these might be the best gift they get.

FoxyEquestrian makes everything to order, and founder Sophie loves nothing better than working with customers to create something totally unique to their tastes, so I thoroughly recommend a browse around the website and a helping of imagination.

If you’re heading to the West Country Equine Fair on 1st & 2nd December in Exeter or Olympia for the London International Horse Show from the 17th December, then you’ll be able to drop in to the FoxyEquestrian stand to see the colourful and fun products for yourself – there will be plenty of off-the-shelf stock to purchase and the chance to chat through your gift ideas face-to-face. Sophie is even making bespoke designs on site! Perhaps you too can tick off a few more items on that Christmas shopping list, if you’ve left it a little later than me!