Haven’t we been spoilt by the incredible weather over the last few days? Dramatic, frosty mornings giving way to blue sky, sunshine and incredible temperatures for the time of year. I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed has been chock-full of snaps of people riding in short sleeves. Or lounging in a beer garden soaking up the sun.

I can hardly believe that this time a year ago we were awaiting the ‘Beast from the East’. Then struggled to get through giant snow drifts to feed the cattle. It really feels as though spring 2019 has arrived early and we can wave goodbye to the cold and wet weather!

I’m quite sure we’ll see our fair share of more traditional British weather (I’m thinking March mud and April showers long before those May flowers!) before we can start dreaming about another long hot summer like last year. But I am hopeful that there will be plenty of warm days to enjoy.

Summer plans

I’m so excited to get back in the saddle after giving Ollie the winter off. And I have some fun days with family and friends out to look forward to as well.

What are your plans for the weekends between now and Easter?  If you’re hoping to get out and slay some clays during the next few months, the Bella Gilet from British country clothing designer Olivia Tullett is the perfect choice.

Just like the whole Olivia Tullett range, the Bella Gilet combines both functionality and feminine elegance. Plus it really does stand from the ‘ordinary’ shooting clothing out there! Cut carefully at the waist and the back to flatter the female figure. The Bella Gilet is crafted from heritage tweed and soft leather with a multitude of clever features.

Say goodbye to bulky tweed

No-one wants to pull on a warm, heavy tweed shooting jacket when the temperatures start to rise. But it’s still so useful to have those big pockets to stow those cartridges on a busy stand! The Bella Shooting Gilet features Olivia’s unique expanding pocket design. So no matter how many cartridges you wodge in there, the gilet won’t get tight against your body. A clever half-zip means you can swing the gun and it won’t ride up. The leather detailing protects the shoulder from recoil. Regardless of whether the wearer is left or right-handed.

I have to add that this gilet is almost too good to be left on a coat hook for shooting days. The leather detailing looks so very sophisticated. And I’ve seen some fabulous snaps on social media where people have styled it with a shirt and belt and rocked it as leisure wear. Why not take a little look for yourself? https://oliviatullett.co.uk/ladies-shooting-gilets/