Kyle from Calne-based Black Nova Designs explains why a tech refresh and upgrade might just help you face the challenges of 2021 free from IT stress!

As we adjust to life in yet another lockdown, many of us will be working remotely once again. IT is an important element for businesses, but over the past 12 months it has become critical to their survival. So why are we all a little lazy about looking after our computers? In this blog, Kyle from the Black Nova team brings us up to speed on the importance of keeping computers and software up to date and backing up our data. Yes, it might not sound very exciting but it is important. Neglect it and you might find yourself getting a little bit stressed down the line… Let’s take a closer look at why you might need a tech refresh upgrade…

“We expect PCs, laptops or Macs to work as quickly as it did the day the were first switched on. They probably don’t often without consider how much use it has had. It’s an odd contrast with our smartphones. We have become comfortable with the idea of spending hundreds (if not thousands!) on an iPhone upgrade every two years. But many of us will not invest in a tech refresh over the same timescale. We’re used to apps and operating systems on our phones updating automatically, but don’t stop to consider software updates on our PC or laptop.” 

Why do technology refreshes matter so much? 

“Small businesses from nearly every sector rely on their information technology to operate. Electricians and plumbers need an online presence to capture leads from people urgently needing their help. Most businesses need to send invoices and tax returns digitally. Other businesses, particularly in the ’lockdown era’, rely on emails, video calls and CRM databases to function. They keep staff in contact with each other and customers. Remote working has made us so much more reliant on IT. The impact of their computing systems suddenly being wiped out by a power surge, flood or theft would send a chill down any business owner’s spine. 

If you are a business owner, is all the important data and information you need being regularly backed up? Or are you simply living in hope that nothing will ever happen? A secure backup means that should the worst happen, your system administrator can retrieve the most recent backup and restore your systems. It also means that any customer and staff data you store is safe from hacking and other data breaches. If you do not have a data backup in place when disaster strikes, you lose everything. 

Even if nothing dramatic did happen to your IT systems, it’s still worth being proactive. Upgrades ensure software is working properly and if you truly value your business, why wait until your equipment is broken before paying attention to it? If you want your staff to be able to knock it out the park every day, why expect them to work on out of date and slow technology? It only adds extra stress and might be slowing them down. Upgrades and new tech lead to peace of mind, happier staff and protects you from heartache and sudden costs.” 

Proactive backups, computer health checks and technology refreshes

“Just like anything in life that matters, an effective information technology refresh plan isn’t going to be free. Secure, reliable email systems and automated backups will have a small monthly charge. New hardware and upgrades to software will need to be factored into your business expenses. But by adopting a proactive approach, you’ll be making an investment that will save you time and money. Tapping into the expertise of an IT company ensures that you and your business benefit from the latest technology and choose the equipment that suits your needs best.

It’s also worth scheduling in ‘health checks’ for your PCs, laptops and Macs. They might need a refresh and tidy up, plus an expert should catch any lurking issues before they cause you a headache.” 

How Black Nova Designs can help

The Backup Service at Black Nova Designs was designed for businesses but is useful for homeowners too. Families with teenagers working on exam coursework at home could face a catastrophe if something were to happen. Cherished photographs and videos are often stored on tablets and computers. That means they too are them at risk if there was a tech meltdown. A free backup audit by the Black Nova team will determine the solution needed and present you with the options. The backups can be accessed from every device in your network or it can be set up so that customers can access it from across the world. 

For those looking for a tech refresh upgrade, the firm offers a ‘Build a PC’ service. The team will help customers get the perfect computer or laptop solution, whether they are on the hunt for a single workstation or a package of 10 computers for a small business. Selecting the right hardware and software will ensure a budget is deployed exactly where it needs it to be for maximum efficiency. 

To learn more, drop the team a line today on  (01793) 210 045 or email [email protected]