2019 has been a big year for Tracey Cole! This began with the release of her very first book, The Confident Rider Mindset – how to hack your mind for riding success. The book is an incredible tool to help riders discover their true potential. We well as ensuring a confident partnership with their horse. Let’s take a look at how this former research scientist and secondary school teacher became an NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner, helping people around the world face their fears.

Tracey Cole was looking for two things back in 2012 when she first came across neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Firstly, a way to improve her confidence at riding competitions and stop her ‘freezing’ when the pressure was on. Secondly, something to give her students some extra knowledge and experience that would equip them for life in the real world (she was working as a secondary school teacher).

Entering into the world of NLP and hypnotherapy

The same result kept popping up wherever she looked. And seemed to be a possible answer to both her problems – NLP. Initially put off by some of the sales-heavy American NLP websites that seemed to promise the world, Tracey was intrigued to find legendary event rider Pippa Funnell mentioning NLP in her biography having turned to it to help improve her confidence at high-profile events. If a down-to-earth, professional rider credited NLP with removing her fear, perhaps there was something to it?

A former research scientist, Tracey describes herself as having ‘healthy scepticism’ of NLP. Especially when she enrolled on a Practitioner course with trainer Christine Dawson. This was with the aim of eliminating a fear that came over her at competitions, in particular when jumping oxers. During the classroom-based section of the course, Tracey focused her energy on that specific fear in the hope that she might see results. As soon as she got home, Tracey set up a course of show jumps – every single one of them an oxer. To her surprise, her fear had totally disappeared. Encouraged but still sceptical, Tracey set up a course of oxers day after day. Until she had to concede that this NLP really had worked. And her fear was gone for good (and her horse was probably getting rather sick of oxers!).

Further NLP sessions removed other fears. Until Tracey was so convinced of the benefits of NLP that she decided to start make it her career. Eventually becoming a certified Master Practitioner and Coach of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy in 2014.

NLP unlocking limiting beliefs

Fast forward to 2019, and Tracey has helped many other people face their fears. Including getting rid of their limiting beliefs. Her sessions have helped riders, both professional and amateur, unlock their true riding potential. Helped people with a fear of flying happily take to the skies. As well as succeeding where multiple diets had failed in helping people lose weight.

She treats people with stress, depression and anxiety. Giving them back control of their emotions and their lives. Tracey works with people both face-to-face and remotely via the internet or telephone. And has even sent personalised hypnotherapy recordings as far afield as Australia. She runs ridden and ground-based coaching sessions at equestrian centres. As well as riding confidence courses in the beautiful Spanish countryside and the glorious sunshine.

So, what comes next in this incredible journey? Given her background in education, it’s no surprise that Tracey enjoys coaching most of all. And her current focus is becoming a Master Trainer. In order to then share her knowledge and enable other people to become NLP trainers themselves.

You can take a look at her services, find out more about NLP and hypnotherapy and find out how to book a no-obligation chat here.