What made you want to launch Barker & Sloane?

Having had a successful skincare brand using the honey and beeswax from our own hives, I decided I wanted to be more specific in my skincare range. My initial range was quite generic, which was great for the customers I had at the time. I’m out and about all year round. Whether that be out with the bees in the Summer or during the colder Winter months hunting and shooting, my skin certainly gets tested to the limits! I suffer dreadfully with exposure to the elements. With my experience as a skincare cosmetic formulator, I was able to develop a new range that targeted those issues.

What makes Barker & Sloane different to other skincare brands?

A whole number of things. One think I’m super excited to say is that we have worked with British farmers. We use British botanical oils from British farmers. I don’t know any other skincare brand that does that. All of our skincare ingredients are also specifically sourced to work with the skin so they are nutritionally beneficial for the skin, which means they really work.

What have been the challenges along the way?

From a formulation perspective, working with those British oils has been a challenge – the natural scents that these oils produce isn’t always a good one! Red raspberry seed oil for example, doesn’t smell like raspberries believe it or not – that’s been a challenge and I think that’s why cosmetic formulators don’t work with those oils. Supporting British farmers is really important to me – it’s great to support British industries but it also keeps air miles down so we have very strong and sustainable ethics. We manufacture in house with our own formulas meaning we have control over everything we do.

What’s behind the name?

Barker is actually my surname! The Sloane aspect of the brand is all about an influential strong woman at the top of her game, much like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Those with good social connections who enjoy the field sports associated with country life.

What can be expected from Barker & Sloane?

We are launching three key products to start with which will be the core of your skincare range. Firstly, The Daily Defender is what you put on in the morning. It protects your skin from the elements throughout the day and becomes your day to day moisturiser.

Secondly, The 12 Bore Boost Mist is about maintenance throughout the day. It counteracts any redness from the wind and cools. It is also good for topping up your make up throughout the day and as a hydration boost when needed.

Lastly, The Overnight Recovery is very much that – an overnight repair and an essential part of the skincare regime. Going forwards we will then add in additional products such as an eye serum, lip balm and hand cream. We also want to start a really targeted range – so if you have hyper-pigmentation issues for example we will have some skincare products that can help with that.

Your official launch is at The Game Fair this July – what can we expect from that?!

We are collaborating with Emma Brown Tweed and we have a double stand on Gunmakers Row. We believe we target and attract the same sort of customer so that will work well. You’ll be able to try and sample all of our products and you’ll also be able to purchase – keep an eye out for show offers! We will also have some beautifully presented discovery kits. Which are not to be missed.

What is your mission statement?

We are nutritional experts using British ingredients that want to provide targeted support to those that spend a lot of time in the field.

Finally, view the collection online here.