As the seasons start to shift and summer is on the wane, we’re thinking about cosy autumn evenings in…

If you spend any time around me at all, you’ll know how much I love summer. Alfresco desko, little summer dresses, cool glasses of white wine and the chance to sunbathe, relax and read in the sunshine once work is done for the day all make me a very happy girl! I also don’t know many horsey folk who miss the mud of winter… But it doesn’t take a really observant person to notice that the seasons are once again changing. Those long summer evenings, when the sky is still streaked with light at 9:30pm, are gone. Now, darkness has descended by 8:30pm!

Autumn is just around the corner…

Harvest is nearly complete and there’s a chill in the air late at night and early in the mornings. Plants are slowing down which hints at the cooler months ahead… That means autumn will be here before long. But even as an out and out summer fan, I do adore the changing of the seasons. I think we need to experience rain to appreciate the sunshine and long dark evenings to dream about summer nights outside. If it’s sunny and warm 360 days a year do you really appreciate long, warm midsummer BBQs?

Plus there’s a lot to love about autumn living. For one we can dig out the long boots, Schoffel gilets, colourful jeans and tweed jackets. And the shops are full of gorgeous clothes in myriad autumnal shades! Who else anticipates a lot of visits from DPD, DHL et al in the near future…?! After months of BBQs and salads we can once again enjoy long lazy Sundays with roast dinners and red wines. Then there are crisp days with long dog walks or rides to the pub admiring the amazing colours of the trees and crunching through fallen leaves.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Self-care with cosy autumn evenings in

And there’s a fun little benefit to the sun going down earlier than it did back in June and July…We talk about self-care, but in the summer those light evenings can make it just a little too tempting to do everything. Whether that’s riding more horses in the evenings or doing ‘just one more job’ in the house, garden or yard. If you’re office-based it might mean working until 7pm because you know you still have hours of light to burn. It can be oddly hard to switch off in summer. When the evenings begin to draw in it becomes far easier to curl up on the sofa by 8pm. It gives you a few hours of reading, TV or self-study before bedtime.  

I love nothing better than making my evenings really cosy. I say if you’ve got a gorgeous scented candle then don’t wait for the weekend to light it! Get your softest sweater and PJs on and enjoy the ‘good wine’ or ‘best tea’. Yes, even if it’s only a Tuesday night. If you’ve got a friend or loved one with a birthday coming up, why not help them relax in style this autumn?

Gift boxes to help friends relax and unwind

Just two of the lovely new additions to the Hooves & Love collection are perfect for cosy self-care evenings in. The Scent with Love gift box contains a trio of scented candles in beautiful glass containers. They are filled with high quality candles in the gorgeous fragrances of lavender, jasmine and rose. Perfect if low lighting and candles are essential for your friend’s cosy evening in. Each 4oz candle will burn for around 20 hours, so you’re gifting them 60 hours of cosy! If you know one someone who is just tea mad, then the Time for a Cuppa gift box will be just the ticket. It’s a gorgeous Bone China Horse Mug, luxury tea bags and a 4oz Wild Rose and Geranium Candle.   

It’s not just about the wonderful products in the boxes, Hooves & Love also make the boxes utterly gorgeous! They are carefully hand-packed, beautifully gift wrapped and include a personalised note. why not take a little look around for some inspiration?