Mums are endless fonts of energy, aren’t they? I sometimes think about how busy my life is at the moment. Running the business, spending time with my wonderful and ever-supportive husband Si, checking in on friends and family, plus looking after little Kiwi and gorgeous Ollie every day keeps me busy. My helpful little boost from Pegasus Jewellery is invaluable for staying on top form day in, day out. It’s amazing to think that people juggle so much and raise children too – every single day! 

It’s a huge responsibility. Being there to shape everything another human being from their first breath and to look after them when they’re hurt or sad. Laugh at the same things as them and sharing the things you love best about this world with them. I’m told it’s quite the adventure and that no one has yet managed to write a book or do a podcast that covers off everything you need to know to get it all right first time…!

Mother’s Day means something different to us all…

Depending on where you are in life and your personal circumstances, you might have a beloved mum but not yet be one. You might have a mum who is also now grandmother for the very first time, sharing a new experience that will change you both forever. You also might not have a mum anymore at all, or not have a relationship with one. There might be someone who isn’t biologically your mum but who is everything you need in terms of guidance, support and love.  

All that means Mothering Sunday has a totally different meaning for all of us. Whether you’re planning a big celebratory lunch for the family, anticipating your first ever Mother’s Day card ‘from’ a little one or just spending it with other loved ones doing regular things, one thing is certain. The 22nd of March will be here before you can blink! 

Pegasus Vitality

What’s the perfect gift for busy mums?

Mums often spend their days running around thinking about everyone else and not taking a moment for themselves. Of course, that’s the whole point of Mothering Sunday, to say ‘thank you’ and take care of them for a change. If you are keen to send a Mother’s Day gift this year, why not give the gift of a little helpful boost from Pegasus Jewellery? The Vitality collection of magnetic therapy jewellery is perfect for busy people. The combination of a powerful therapeutic magnet and the chemical element germanium help to boost energy, ease aches and pains and deliver a better night’s sleep. Could there be a better gift than more energy, better sleep and more comfortable days? 

But which one to go for? Well that depends entirely on what the recipient likes to wear! There is the original Vitality bracelet, featuring a silicon strap in bright colours, as well as leather versions and earrings. For those who prefer to wear rings instead of bracelets, there are four different ring styles all embedded with the helpful Vitality boost! Take a closer look at the Pegasus Vitality collection here and get a head start on shopping for that pefect Mother’s Day present.