Just Jodz is a brand on the up! Founded less than two years ago with the aim of bringing affordable, well-made and colourful jodhpurs and breeches to riders up and down the UK. Just Jodz has rapidly become a well-known name in the equestrian world with a loyal customer base. There are grand plans afoot to add more products to the collection. Top tip – look out for fleece-lined leggings in time for next winter! I just love finding out how different successful businesses are run and what makes the people behind them tick. So I had a chat with Just Jodz founder Lia about a day in the life of her, to see what a normal working day looks like.

A day in the life of Lia

“My day always starts with exercise – I’m not a gym bunny or fitness freak, but a long walk in the fresh air every morning helps me clear my head and prepare for the day. I also got used to being active during my time as a competition groom. And, even though I’ve now had a desk job for 10 years, I still like to be on my feet as much as I can. I can honestly say that I’ve had all my very best business ideas when I’ve been out walking, so there must be something in it!

After that, I head into the office to deal with any exchanges and returns, open my post and answer the phone. That, along with processing any new orders, takes the entire morning. Then in the afternoon, I get my orders packed and dispatched. I still hand-pack all the orders that people place with Just Jodz so that takes a decent chunk of my day (thankfully, it’s good to be busy!). I’ve taught myself everything I needed to know to make the business a success. From updating my website and stock control to marketing and social media.

The important of time out

I have some help in the office which enables me to go out for business meetings. Or indeed take the occasional slice of time off. I am taking side-saddle lessons a couple of mornings a month, which I adore. Furthermore, I highly recommend any equestrian giving it a go at least once. The saddle is wonderfully, surprisingly secure and it’s fun to learn a new skill on horseback.

In the evenings I’m careful to make sure I make a clear definition between work and relaxation. It’s been an amazing couple of years getting Just Jodz up and running. As well as interacting with all my lovely customers, but it has been very busy and demanding. Making sure I take some time away from the business in the evening means I come into the office the next day refreshed and ready to go. A perfect evening might be the cinema, a gig or a tasty meal out. As reward for the hard work of the day.”

Lia has forged a real niche in the equestrian clothing market with Just Jodz. Offering colourful, durable breeches and jodhpurs in gorgeous designs and a brilliant range of sizes. Her approach is inclusive, so women of all shapes and sizes are able to wear her brand. And they are so affordable its possible to have a pair in every colour! Take a little look: https://justjodz.co.uk