Christmas is so very nearly here… Are you ready, with presents wrapped and outfits for festive parties planned? Or still frantically searching out presents and juggling events? One thing is certain and that is that come the moment the shops close on the 24th December, Christmas will have well and truly arrived. I sincerely hope my network of amazing clients, friends, team, followers and supporters have a brilliant Christmas and can recharge their batteries.

Time to relax

Unless you’re hosting multiple groups of family and friends over the festive period, or perhaps are unlucky enough to have to go to work, the dwell between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve might finally be a chance to relax. I haven’t had a moment to spare so far to leaf through the Radio Times to see what’s on TV. But there will no doubt be plenty of festive fodder to curl up and watch. Better still with the addition of a mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine.

I also like to spend a little bit of the glorious free time during those days to write my thank you cards and emails for presents. Plus send WhatsApp messages to people who are equally busy during the year to catch up on how they are. It’s a perfect time to reflect on those we need to thank for our successes. Or those who pick us up when times are tough. I’ve had a truly incredible year and have so much to be thankful for.

Celebrating a fantastic year

A fellow business that has had a stonking year 2019 is the wonderful Pegasus Jewellery. Based in South West Scotland and founded by Kim, Pegasus has grown incredibly quickly. And has become one of the UK’s best loved equestrian jewellers. Pegasus designs pop up all over my Instagram feed. It’s clear people adore the easy-to-wear jewellery with that all-important hint of horsey-ness! But, as is so often the case, that success is the result of graft, determination and a network of supporters. From the brilliant journalists who picked Pegasus designs to include in their gift guides and round ups throughout 2019. To the remarkable Team Pegasus, I know we couldn’t do it without them.

The Pegasus Team is a network of sponsored riders and brand ambassadors who help spread the word about Pegasus Jewellery. Comprising of riders from national-level teams to local riding club and passionate amateurs as well as bloggers and social media stars, they’ve helped ensure the name Pegasus is at the forefront of people’s minds throughout the year. I’m proud to be part of the Pegasus Team and know that without my Vitality Bracelets boosting my energy levels and concentration, I would genuinely have found it harder to keep all the plates spinning this year.

So, here’s to finishing work for Christmas and reflecting on another transformative year, both for TPPR and Pegasus. And here’s to many more years of growing our businesses and working together to build something brilliant!