My 20’s were pretty amazing in terms of business, so I would like to share my business tips with you.

That’s not to boast, that’s just a reflection.

There were particularly hard times in the middle of it when I hated my job but it ended on such a high. Marriage and a successful business that I totally ADORE. I feel truly blessed…

Everyone knows that business is much like an assault course. You’re constantly climbing, to sometimes get knocked down again. But that’s OK. As long as you learn from the setbacks and are continually growing you’re always increasing your chances of success.

“If you’re not growing, not working on your business, your business is basically dying.”

Success means different things to different people. But for me, success is smashing goals. It’s investing in myself so I can be the very best version of myself. There are SOOO many things I learnt in my 20’s, but these are the key 9 business tips I’m taking into my 30’s…

Top Tips

  1. Self care is key. As we get older (I write this like I’m a well-travelled, well-aged older lady, I know I’m only 30 years and 4 days…) we really must give ourselves time to rest and recuperate. To recuperate is to recover from exertion. Correct me if I’m wrong but every single day we exert ourselves! Pushing ourselves to be the very best and work as best we can. Spa day anyone!?
  2. You get out what you put in. Feed yourself crap and wonder why you can’t perform or why you have constant brain fog? There’s the light bulb moment…
  3. You can’t see beyond a choice you don’t understand. You will get many opportunities in life. Sometimes you just need to say yes! Then figure it out later. Sometimes you need to have a better understanding before making a decision. Either way, you need to understand what is required to be able to make that choice
  4. The best investment you’ll make is in yourself. Yes you can buy the best equipment, smartest Mac and have all of the books. But, if you haven’t invested in yourself it’s all just pointless. #HarshTruthBomb
  5. It’s OK not to be OK. This applies to more than just business. Business is SO hard at times, so stressful and can be very trying. And you know what? It’s totally OK. What matters most is how you manage the situation, how you take care of yourself and how you move forwards
  6. Not everyone will love you. And that’s totally OK too! Everyone is different. It’s the same as taste in cars, music and wines. It’s the same as some people wanting children and some people preferring dogs to cats (totally get that one!) Don’t be upset that you just don’t click with some people. Or that others don’t wish to work with you. Just be thankful that they didn’t waste your time so you can focus on finding your ideal client.
  7. A morning ritual is VITAL. My morning ritual I am quite sure has changed my life. It focuses my mind for the day, it sets the intention, it aligns myself with the universe.
  8. Do what works for you. When I was on a business retreat recently, a transformation coach told me she wanted to work 3 hours a day. That was when she was at her best. She’d then spend the rest of her time growing herself, going to the gym, practicing yoga. Because that was what worked for her. Do what works for YOU. If you want to play loud trance whilst working (ummm yes please!) then do it! Make your own aura and love every second of it.
  9. And last but by no means least, and one of the most important points – Never underestimate the power of your support network. They’ll be there through the good times, supporting, driving and guiding you. They’ll also be there through the tough times, pouring your wine! The point is, having someone to be there for you and encourage you is so important. It’s one of my personal biggest keys to success, 100%.

So there you have it! My 9 key business tips to help you have the business of your dreams and things I will continue to work in into and through my 30’s. Wonder what will come up in the next decade!?

Please message me if I can help you with any more business tips and advice!