We all know how great blogging is. (If you don’t, check this old blog out!) It has a whole plethora of benefits including allowing you to show your expertise, giving your potential customers a peek behind the scenes and improving your SEO. But thinking of content can be hard. So, I’ve created this list of 52 blog post ideas to give you enough to talk about for a whole year! Therefore, that’s the hard part done, now you can get typing!

  1. Firstly, why did you start your business? Did you spot a gap in the market or is this a lifelong dream? Let your potential customers know what lit the spark
  2. Was your path to business a traditional one? Did you do a degree? What work experience do you have?
  3. What’s the one thing that could have helped you not make a mistake? What have you learnt the hard way?
  4. Share your top tips and things you’ve learnt to help others avoid making those errors!
  5. What sets you apart from your competitors? Your potential customers won’t know this so make sure you make them aware!
  6. Share your favourite social tips. This is always a popular topic Рwhat have you learnt? What works well? Share it!
  7. Interview a team member – people love to know about the humans behind a brand. Make it fun with some quick answer questions. Champagne or Gin is always a good quick answer question in my mind!
  8. Book review – have you read an amazing book lately? Share it in a blog – entrepreneurs are always looking for new books and reviews are social gold.
  9. The daily life of a…….. Give people an insight into the daily life of someone in your role.
  10. A collection of life/business hacks. Top tips to make life even easier/less stressful.
  11. How do you plan? Are you a pen and paper kinda person or much prefer a digital based planner? Share your thoughts and why you love your chosen method.
  12. Who inspires you? And why? People are always looking for inspirational figures to follow and look up to. Share yours, you never know who you might inspire.
  13. Do you have a bucket list? Or a business bucket list? Share it – it’ll be great fun creating it and you’ll have something to keep you accountable!
  14. Celebrate your business birthday – what have you learnt in the past year? How much has your business grown in the past year?
  15. How do you keep on top of daily tasks? Do you have a set routine, i.e. check social media first thing, then emails, followed by client work before checking social media and emails again before lunch?
  16. Share your opinion on a timely event.
  17. A ’10 things you didn’t know about me post’, great for a good short but sweet post!
  18. Which platforms you use, and which you maybe don’t and why! Not every social media outlet works for everyone, and having that extra opinion is something many people find interesting!
  19. If your brand is focused towards an animal brand, say equine, and you have your own horse, do them their own introductory blog post! This will give a little more ‘behind the scenes’ insight about you, in addition to your drive behind what you do!
  20. Do you work from home or in an external office? Give your tips that you find help your working mind in either environment! Or maybe why it does or doesn’t work!
  21. How do you overcome your stresses in life or with your business?
  22. Your favourite five pictures from the month before, and make sure to explain why!
  23. Which social media apps work best for you and why
  24. Does music help you get through the day? Write about what motivates you or keeps you going on that afternoon push!
  25. Is there anything you can’t live without? For example, a certain tea brand or certain pen to write with? No matter how small its the small things that make each day easier!
  26. What does success mean to you?
  27. Tips you would give to someone about to start up their own business.
  28. Answer the most frequently asked questions you get, whether this is via emails or at events etc.
  29. Share your favourite quotes, can be from well known or less well known people. Consequently, you never know, you might in turn be someones inspiration!
  30. Review a book or a product that relates to what you do.
  31. Recap your last 30 days and review the next 30.
  32. Write about interesting statistics that relate to your field of work, anything that is engaging and gets people talking and sharing!
  33. Blog about myths in your industry, and put them right if you can!
  34. When you receive a great testimonial, ask for permission to turn it into a post. Use this post to gain more customer stories and feedback.
  35. If you’ve noticed a post by a popular blogger or writer in your field of work getting a lot of attention, share the original post and add in your own viewpoint. Above all, make sure you let the blogger known about it though!
  36. If there is something in the news affecting your customers or there is something that has the potential to, write about them! Tip: run a Google alert on keywords relating to your topic or business in order to help yourself find items to discuss.
  37. Talk about trends and future developments in your industry.
  38. If you have a special way in which you make your product, give people a behind the scenes look! But obviously do it in a way that means your brand won’t be copied!
  39. If you wish to teach your readers something, break it down into week by week stages! Furthermore, avoiding an information overload and keeps people coming back for more!
  40. Write about how people can get the best out of your products. Moreover, if you have any product tips or tricks people may not know about, share them!
  41. Share a story about product development, how the idea was thought up and the process that got it to where it is now.
  42. Likewise to the above, are your products or services designed to solve a certain problem? If they are go into detail.
  43. List the reasons why you value all your customers and their support, if people feel valued they are more likely to give you something in return, this could be a share of the blog or a review of a product for example!
  44. Write about the most important days in your year that are coming up, any events you attend so people will know where to find you or meet you face to face (encourage people to do so!), or any particular days you will be holding a sale on etc.
  45. If you have any brand ambassadors or people you sponsor, conduct an interview with them, about them and what they do and maybe why they love your products!
  46. Blog about your favourite things to do in whichever season you are in, doesn’t necessarily have to relate to your product but promotes interaction with your customers!
  47. Talk numbers; number of products sold since start up, countries you can find your products in, number of different products etc.
  48. Staff picks, share a list of your favourite pieces and why!
  49. In addition, write about your involvement in the local community or what you give back to local life/the environment and explain why it is important to you.
  50. Interview industry experts – this is great for your reach once they share it!
  51. What motivates you? There’s never been a better time to get real and personal and your followers will love it!
  52. Finally, provide a video about a subject, product and how it works or maybe simply start by introducing you and your team!

To sum up, these are the first 52 things you could use! There are so many out there – you’ve just got to keep an open mind!