Do you write blogs for your business website? Some people LOVE blogging and would happily knock out several a week! They are full of brilliant ideas for another blog and the words just flow.Others… not so much! If you don’t blog, there are lots of compelling reasons why you should. They include:

  • It can improve your Google results ranking because Google loves websites which update their content regularly. 
  • You can use the promise of helpful or informative content to drive traffic to your website from other channels (i.e. your social media feeds or email newsletters).
  • A blog can position you as an expert, giving you credibility and highlighting you as an authority in your field.
  • You can use your blog to build a brand personality, whether that’s funny, helpful, strict or friendly. Just make sure you use the same tone of voice every time you blog. 
  • Blogs give you oodles of content for social media, emails and even press releases, so time blogging is never time wasted. 

There are so many more amazing benefits to getting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard in reality!) and blogging. IT experts Black Nova Designs shared an absolute goldmine of information in their Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Business – take a look at that here.

You know the benefits but…

But in our experience, lots of business owners know they need to blog more. They know why they need to blog, but they just don’t. There’s always something else which crops up which is more important or will drive immediate revenue. Or, they sit down to write and find they can’t think of a thing to say! That feeling of ‘writer’s block’ is horrible and it wastes your precious time.

Luckily, you’re in the right place for some brilliant blog ideas. At Tara Punter PR, we look after content creation for a number of businesses and that includes writing blogs their for them. That means we know where to go for a little bit of inspiration… and here we’re sharing 5 different types of blogs you can use to write really engaging content and banish writer’s block. Let’s take a look: 

1. How to guides

80% of your social media content and blogs should be helpful or informative, and a ‘how to’ guide will definitely fall into that category. Make a list of your 5 most frequently asked questions and then jot down your answers to them. That’s then the basis for 5 ‘how to’ blogs. For example if you make equestrian jewellery you could blog about how to clean jewellery. If you offer grooming services you could blog about how to perfect show-day turnout. 

2. Behind the scenes

People LOVE seeing behind the scenes at small businesses, so why not blog about what a typical day looks like for you? Or if you’ve got a big launch or day out coming up then you could share your preparation for that. If your business means you actually make or create something, share how you do it! 

3. An interview

An interview is a really fun way to write a blog and build relationships with other small businesses. If you have brand ambassadors or sponsored riders then start off by interviewing them. Prepare questions beforehand and weave in a mention of your products or services along the way. You can even offer to guest blog for them in return which is an excellent way to build backlinks to your website (SEO gold!).

4. A deep dive into one of your products or services

This is great for when you want to boost the number of keywords about a product or service. Write about how you came up with the idea, the problem it solved for your customer and how it works. You can also include a testimonial or two as social proof that you’re amazing at what you do. 

5. A list-based blog

People LOVE list-based blogs. If you list ‘the top 20 horsey events this year’ people associate that high number with quality content. The fact the blog is broken up into sections means that it’s relatively easy to read too, so people are more likely to read to the end. 

We would love to hear how you get on with writing your next blog with these brilliant ideas! Or, if you would prefer to hand over blogging to us, drop us a line to learn more!