10 ways to maintain your business, sales and sanity when events get cancelled

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has left many business owners feeling distraught with worry. For many, and many of my clients included, shows and events provide a great bulk of their sales throughout the year. With many looking like they’re going to be cancelled, what can you do to safeguard your business?

Be Prepared

  • How about running a Facebook Live event? Get some friends or biz contacts round, put some tunes on and run a virtual live event for an hour. Showcase your must have items, special ‘show’ offers and ways to wear/style a certain product. Video is so important right now so utilise in a fun, natural way. Plus if you have a group of you together then video is even less scary!
  • Have you spent out on a stand? Assuming you get a refund, could that money be put into a targeted Facebook Ad or Google Ad Words campaign? Or could you invest in your business with a coach to make your digital presence even more enhanced? Make use of the time and money that you now have. Also try to be grateful for this time you weren’t expecting and put it to good use.
  • Run a sale in your Instagram stories. I know sales aren’t always beneficial for a business, but if you were going to run special show offers anyway to shift old stock then why not do it online?
  • Put the value into your emails. Take the pressure off of selling to increase your email open rate, then when you’ve increased your open rate you can then promote your product or service.
  • Ramp up your social presence. Sounds simple but try to think how you can be even more present, show up in more Facebook groups, do even more (daily) Instagram stories and batch some content. Been thinking about joining Pinterest/LinkedIn/Tik Tok for ages? Now is your time. 
  • If you were supposed to be meeting up with ambassadors/fans/editors/journalists at the event as well, see if you can get a group video call together using something like Zoom to see how you can still work together and to see how they might support you.
  • What giveaways/competitions can you launch at the time of the competition? Everyone will be totally fed up to be missing the event so is there something you can do or promote to spread some positivity?
  • Give value. Whether you are a product or service based business, giving value is one of the most powerful ways to get your audience to know, like and trust you. It’ll also really help your reach at a time when everyone is desperate for sales. If you can be a little different, take the pressure off of selling and just focus on the value, you’ll have raving fans as followers. And there’s no-one better to sell to than raving fans who truly love your brand.
  • Ask your network or contacts to share your content. Every single share goes a long way and imagine the increased reach if every single one of your contacts shared just 1 post!
  • Speak to the owners of Facebook groups and see if there are any opportunities within the group – I’m looking to do something in mine (Superstar Mindset and Marketing by Tara Punter) if Badminton is cancelled this year so keep an eye out there and please do reach out if you‘re affected.

It Will Get Better

The uncertainty around business right now can feel very scary but please know, it will pass, it will get better and these tough times will make us even better in the long run! You’ve so got this and I’m here if you need me.

Tara x

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