We’re so pleased to share this guest blog from Rory Chaplin, A.K.A DJ Rory C of RJCC EventsHe’s been to plenty of weddings so is the perfect person to help couples planning a fun wedding!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You’re pledging to stay loyal and true to one person and building a partnership with the person you love. Weddings are a serious occasion, but they are also a chance to bring together your family, friends and loved ones for a really good party. So, how can you make sure that your wedding is memorable (and not just because your Aunty Janice fell fast asleep in the remains of her dessert during the speeches!) and make sure that you, the bride and groom, have an incredible day?

planning a fun wedding
Photo by Alasdair Elmes on Unsplash

I’ve spent years watching people’s wedding receptions from behind the DJ decks and in that time, I’ve picked up some great ideas to help you make sure that yours is the wedding everyone is still talking about in years to come. Here are my top ten tips to help you plan a really fun and unforgettable wedding:

1. Plan everything to the finest detail!

Honestly, don’t leave anything to chance. I’ve attended a wedding in July where everything was outside… and I mean everything! Thankfully it was a truly stunning day with sunshine from dusk until dawn, but had the forecast been different it would have been a washout. Cover for your event in the UK is essential, whether you use it or not, and we have many different types of tents and marquees available for you to choose from. Wedding planning (even for a fun wedding!) is stressful. It can feel overwhelming, but a solid plan means you can enjoy the day entirely! Delegate some key tasks, like lighting candles, directing guests and liaising with caterers, to trusted people on the day. 

2. Be flexible on your timings…

People might be late; the vicar or officiator might drone on a little too much; the photographer wants to wait for the perfect light to appear. If your timing plan has some flex in it you can stay cool and relaxed, rather than checking times and harrying people along! Wedding guests will not mind a few short waits and you can ask groomsmen and bridesmaids to help introduce different groups to each other. 

3. Inject your couple personality into the day

Include decorations and messages that mean something to you. Even if they are a little bit off-the-wall and quirky it’s OK – it will get guests talking, relax everyone and make it a really memorable day. Some people choose to ‘brand’ their wedding with a logo featuring the couple’s initials and weave in their colour schemes. You could name your tables after your favourite musicians, holiday destinations or even pubs and clubs! Whatever you like which means something to you both. 

4. Think outside the box

Just because you immediately get steered towards a three-course sit down meal by the caterers, don’t forget to ask them for the other options. A huge feasting table laden with amazing foods gives you loads of options and means your guests are guaranteed to find something they love to eat! Plus, they are often cheaper than a served, plated meal. The same goes for drinks, speeches, games and evening food.

5. Forget tradition if it doesn’t make you happy

This is your big day and I believe couples should do whatever they need to make sure they have the best day possible. Maybe that means not wearing a big white or cream gown and instead going for a knock-out dress in your favourite style, then so be it! If the bride wants to make a speech too, then do it! Or maybe you don’t want to throw the bouquet, have a first dance or even have a traditional wedding cake? It’s OK – it’s your day! Put your own stamp on it. 

6. Spend time picking a really great playlist

Remember that people of all ages will be present, so choose a blend of your favourite tunes, some classics and one or two songs that you just know will get people of all ages up and dancing. Some of my couples have asked their guests for song requests when they RSVP, and then included a blend of them to liven up the dancefloor and make sure all tastes were catered for. We will do the rest and match of our amazingly talented and experienced DJs to your music choices.

7. Think about fun weddings you’ve been to

Planning a fun wedding? Why not think about what you and your guests will remember about your day in 5 years’ time. Will your memories really change if you spent £1,000 on flowers or £2,000? Is there something else you can spend that £1,000 on that will really help get the party started, like putting some money behind the bar, or splurging on a totally free bar? Instead of bacon sarnies later in the evening, a mobile wood-fired pizza oven or street food van will really get people talking and taking photos! 

8. Create a wedding hashtag!

In the age of smartphones and Instagram, there will probably be lots of images from your wedding that you might never get to see! Create a hashtag for your wedding and ask people who post on Instagram to use it – taking a little look through them will be a lovely thing to do in the days following the wedding. What better way to help beat post-wedding blues?! Other than maybe jetting off to a tropical island, of course. 

9. Think about the smallest details

Some of the best weddings I’ve been to are where the couple has really treated the guests like guests, providing games for the time in between dinner and dancing, mobile phone charging stations, flip flops and wraps for later in the evening, umbrellas and parasols for rain/hot sunshine, toiletries in the bathrooms and even a chillout area for those who are all danced out…

10. Remember to soak up the atmosphere

Take a few moments out with your new spouse to just stop and take it in. It’s easy to get swept up in the day but I promise, finding a few moments to just stand together with a drink is worth it. Watch your guests dancing, socialising and generally making merry. It will imprint a really long-lasting memory in your mind and it’s fun too! 

About DJ Rory C

DJ Rory C is based in Oxfordshire and during his career he has played at countless weddings, corporate gigs, birthday bashes and more! He also has had residencies and played sets in clubs and bars across the UK, in London and overseas. Specialising in dance and house music, but also blending in the very best cheesy tunes and chart hits, Rory’s sets are expertly mixed and always set the dance floor alight! From music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, naughties to pop, Hip Hop, R’n’B, old skool, retro, mashups, golden oldies and Drum & Bass – there’s something for everyone! 

“DJ Rory C is a genius – the dancefloor was literally heaving all night!! Everyone, young and old, loved the cool mash-ups and mixing… thank you so much” – Private Client

While we’ve been experiencing the effects of Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, Rory has been live-streaming DJ sets to the masses and has launched his Virtual Nightclub Party Packages, perfect for marking big birthdays, anniversaries and reduced number weddings. 

As Rory himself says, “music brings everyone together so why wait?” If you’re planning a fun and unforgettable wedding, why not ake a closer look at his services: https://www.rjccevents.com/