I always find these sorts of blogs and social posts fascinating. I love a little insight into the person behind the brand so thought I’d give you an insight into my little corner of life… Here goes!

1. Firstly, I totally LOVE fast cars. Always have. Always will. I even had a track day for my 19th birthday… A Mitsubishi Evo has been the car of my dreams since I was 15 or 16 and I’m still determined that one day I’ll be able to afford one! Then I’ll move onto a Nissan GTR as my sensible grown up car…

2. Secondly, I hate fish – to eat, don’t mind them swimming around minding their own business in a tank. Don’t like the smell, taste or texture. Perhaps I’ve never had good fish but it just doesn’t do it for me. Meat all the way please!

3. I’m a proper hugger – you can’t beat a good hug.

4. Music is my world. I’ve loved music since I was about 5, I even remember when Robert Miles was number 1 with Children. I saw it on Top of the Pops and was fixated from that point. Fruthermore, I even used to be a raver (yes, as a horsey girl!)

5. I always used to want to be a DJ. I’m sure it’s just the coolest job but I now much prefer an early night!

6. I’m obsessed with salt and vinegar crisps, they’re my absolute nemesis!

7. I’m truly terrified of spiders. Living in an old farmhouse does have its downsides…

8. Skiing terrifies me as well! My first and last time was 10 years ago and I have never been so scared as I was at the top of that mountain! I’d happily drive fast and at the time, jump any sized hedge on my ex-racehorse, but going down a snowy slope on thin bits of wood was not fun! Moreover, I spent most of that holiday in bars..

9. I used to have a hamster called Champagne. Due to the fact he was the same colour. I think I was about 10… Clearly always had exceptional beverage taste.

10. Finally, I’ve never seen Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter. I’ve also only seen one James Bond film (I don’t even know which one.) Alfie (with Jude Law) however… I know it off by heart!

Which of these surprises you most about me?!

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