The Epona Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer is a truly amazing multi-purpose grooming tool with a wide range of benefits. But where can you find such a magical piece of grooming kit?

TRI Equestrian is Ireland’s leading equestrian retail outlet. They recently announced they have been appointed as the sole European distributor for popular American equine brand Epona Products.

We take a look at ten reasons why you need Epona’s revolutionary groomer in your kit bag this competition season and beyond.  

10 reasons you need this in your life, now!

  1. It collects dirt and dust rather than sending it into the air as a cloud. As we all know, what goes up, must come down – invariably on our heads! Then all you need to do is tap it on a wall or rinse it under the tap. 
  2. The Tiger’s Tongue is perfect for horses and ponies with sensitive skin. If your horse can’t tolerate being scrubbed with a dandy brush or plastic curry comb when they’re extra dirty.
  3. As the name would suggest, this brilliant grooming tool acts just like a cat’s tongue. It will lift out the most stubborn of stable stains, even on the lightest, whitest of greys.
  4. The Tiger’s Tongue can also be used to get white leg markings clean without having to wash them. This makes it ideal for horses who are prone to cracked or sore heels in winter, but still need to look their best for competitions.
  5. Use it wet or dry – you can also use warm soapy water, it gives the horse a soothing massage at the same time.
  6. The Tiger’s Tongue works scurf from the surface of the skin out and away. Wipe over with a damp, warm cloth afterwards to leave the horse looking super shiny.
  7. It shifts ingrained sweat and numnah marks without needing a sponge so works well for really cold days.
  8. It’s also a useful tool to clean and buff hoof walls, removing dried on mud and preparing hooves perfectly for oil.
  9. The Tiger’s Tongue is a great way to brush out the winter coat and encourage the growth of a lovely shiny, sometimes dappled, summer coat.
  10. If you have a short-haired dog you can use the Epona Tiger Tongue as a grooming tool for them, too!

You can explore the Tiger’s Tongue and the rest of the TRI Equestrian offering on their website: