Leger & Oaks are delighted to announce that the Racehorse Sanctuary is their charity of the year!

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Cotswold-based luxury lifestyle brand Leger & Oaks was founded on a twin love of luxurious country clothing and a strong horseracing heritage, so it makes perfect sense for them to choose The Racehorse Sanctuary as their charity of the year! The move makes perfect sense for a brand founded by a family with a huge passion for racing. Including flat as well as national hunt. Supporting the sport as owners and regular racegoers.

Leger & Oaks design and craft a range of equestrian-inspired country clothing including tweed capes, jackets, skirts and blazers, cosy cashmere knitwear and a range of accessories that showcase some of Great Britain’s most iconic fabrics. Many of the pieces in the Leger & Oaks collection have stunning yet subtle detailing that add just the flair needed to finish off your outfit – beautiful linings, velvet collars and pocket trims on the blazers and capes trimmed in both real and fake fur.

Graham Oldfield and Sue Collins founded The Racehorse Sanctuary in 2005. It is a registered charity based in the beautiful West Sussex countryside and funded entirely by donations from the public. The charity aims to help some of the nearly 7,000 horses who leave the British racing industry each year find a new home. Where some horses head to race in another country or in point-to-points. Some enter into breeding programmes or are lucky enough to retire with their owner’s care. Unfortunately many have an uncertain future.

Graham, Sue and their dedicated team work hard to ensure the horses are retrained and re homed. Firstly as riding horses where possible. Or found a home for life as a companion. In addition, there are also a small percentage of horses who will never be re homed. Unfortunately this is due to various issues. Consequently, these horses have a home for life with the Racehorse Sanctuary. Patrons of the Racehorse Sanctuary include bestselling author and media star Jilly Cooper and leading horseracing commentator Richard Hoiles.

On going support

Leger & Oaks are delighted to sponsor two of the racehorse sanctuary’s horses every month and support the charity’s ongoing fundraising events. The sanctuary costs approximately £250,000 per year to run. And relies on an active network of fundraisers and volunteers to continue their important work. Leger & Oaks founder Claudia comments;

“I know how important wonderful charities like these are. We recently retired one of the horses we had as his head was not in racing. After asking around our horsey network. We were so lucky that we were able to find an eventing yard that is taking him on for retraining. It’s very important for us to know that every horse has a good home and is happy after racing. The Racehorse Sanctuary and their supporters do an amazing job. It is a pleasure to be part of it”.  

Explore the wonderful products from Leger & Oaks, choose incredible new accessories for your next big day at the races and find out more about the brand on their website here. In addition, if you are interested in hearing more about the Racehorse Sanctuary and the horses they are helping at the moment, you can head over to their website or follow them on social media.

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