Pegasus Jewellery updates the best-selling Vitality collection for Summer 2019 with an on-trend blush pink version

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Pegasus Jewellery has gained an international fan base for its Vitality range. The range consists of magnetic therapy bracelets, rings and earrings. Excitingly, it now includes the very latest addition for Summer 2019, the Blush Pink Vitality Bracelet (£20), which is sure to delight! This gorgeous new bracelet was inspired by soft, pastel shades. Which are key trends this summer season.

Perfect for Spring

The on-trend pink silicone strap and sleek design will no doubt look incredible paired with a tanned summer glow and crisp white jeans. In addition, it will look just as stunning layered up with the much-loved Pegasus rose gold collection.

The inspiration for the Vitality collection came from the brand’s founder Kim, after she saw the positive effect it had on a lame horse. Following research as to how beneficial magnets can be, Kim developed the very first Vitality bracelet. She hasn’t looked back since.

The Vitality jewellery collection combines the powerful magnet Neodymium with the chemical element Germanium. Both of these together deliver a range of health-boosting benefits for the wearer.

Neodymium is the most powerful therapeutic magnet available. Whilst Germanium is a semi-conductor. Said to work on the negative ions produced by muscles. Which can happen when they are subject to stress.

For example, magnetic therapy can help to alleviate depression, reduce stress, increase energy and boost alertness. Secondly, magnetic therapy is used to support certain treatments. Most commonly those of arthritis, back ache and joint pain. As well as poor circulation, insomnia and sports injuries.

I wear mine every day and find the high-grade silicon band extremely comfortable! Most importantly, they can also be worn at all times, which is perfect for us horse owners. Additionally, I find it a huge bonus that they are waterproof and durable too. The Blush Pink Vitality Bracelet is one of 11 colours available. Sizes start at XS (17cm) and go up to L (20cm). Take a look at the Blush Pink Vitality here and explore the benefits of magnetic therapy jewellery:


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