Samberwill Equestrian name The Racehorse Sanctuary as their charity of the year. 

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Samberwill Equestrian is an online equestrian retailer with a difference. It was founded in 2017 by sister double act Suzanne and Hazel. The ladies set out with a mission of stocking beautiful equestrian items at affordable prices and today they are achieving just that. 

After two successful and growing years of trading, Suzanne has recently set about a very different mission.

Sugar free February

The Racehorse Sanctuary named as Samberwill Equestrian charity of the year ac

Suzanne, Co-Founder of Samberwill Equestrian

During her pregnancies, Suzanne suffered with gestational diabetes. As a result, she is at an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life. So, she decided to ditch the sugar for the whole month of February. She decided to support a charity whilst doing it and raise some much needed vital funds for them.  

Suzanne remarked; “I was eating chocolate like it was going out of fashion! I decided that a challenge like this would be just what I needed to reset and lead a heathier life.” 

A sanctuary like no other

With a keen involvement in the racing industry, Suzanne decided to raise funds for a racing charity. Sister Hazel also works as a head groom on a racing yard. It became apparent, there was an obvious choice very close to their hearts; The Racehorse Sanctuary. 

A registered rehoming and rest home for retired racehorses, The Racehorse Sanctuary relies heavily on the support and kindness of people like Suzanne and Hazel.  The sanctuary provides these beautiful animals with a ‘life after racing’, rehabilitating and rehoming hundreds of horses since opening their doors in 1996. 

Not just a one trick pony

Suzanne and Hazel at Samberwill have not only donated the funds raised throughout Suzanne’s sugar free campaign to The Racehorse Sanctuary. The sisters have also commited to a years’ worth of fund raising to this much needed cause. Therefore, the Racehorse Sanctuary has officially been named their charity of the year. 

If you can kindly spare a donation or would like more information on Samberwill Equestrian or The Racehorse Sanctuary, please click on the links below.

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