Get Foxy Fit and work towards your riding aims with the latest additions to the FoxyEquestrian range

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With the clocks going forward in less than a fortnight, it’s probably time to start getting serious about your riding aims for the summer ahead, if you haven’t already. Whether that’s simply ensuring your horse is fit enough to do the occasional hunter trial and cope with long summer rides. Or aiming to move up the levels in your chosen discipline, you’ll no doubt spend plenty of time making sure your horse stays healthy and well.

You and your horse are a partnership, and while one side of that team might be in the best condition, primed and ready for competition, what about you? Do you keep your body in the best possible shape too? I know so many talented riders who exist on a diet of sugary Coke and Twix bars snatched between riding and work (or riding and riding, if you’re a full-time equestrian!), and endless bacon butties at events. There are of course some who treat their body like a temple. But plenty of us seem to think that the physical exertion of riding and looking after our horses is enough to keep us fit alone…

Yes, those wheelbarrows can get awfully heavy, mucking out does help keep that tummy toned and some rides leave us with aching arms that feel twice as long as they did at the beginning, but it’s possible that it’s not enough. Incorporating some cardio or HIIT might just help give you the competitive edge against your fellow competitors and good core strength can only help with balance in the saddle!

With this in mind I was very excited to see some of the newest additions to the FoxyEquestrian range – Foxy Fitwear! The Foxy Fit mini-collection is focused on wellness and comprises the Running Fox Leggings and the Foxy Fit Bra, both Foxy-branded and fabulous. The leggings come in khaki or black, while the sports bra is available in silver/pink, khaki or black so that you can choose to mix and match or coordinate. Whichever takes your fancy. The Foxy Fit collection is perfect for those who want to work up a sweat out of the saddle but stay looking as stylish as they do in their FoxyEquestrian base layers and hoodies.

Take a little look and get inspired to start planning your very own training regime: After all, you want to make sure that when you step out in you snazzy Foxy cross-country colours, you are as prepared as you can possibly be for those all-important minutes on the course. Good luck!

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