Beautiful homewares for Spring from Anvil Cottage Crafts

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Do the words ‘spring cleaning’ fill you with dread or delight? For some cleaning and tidying is the most tedious chore going, whereas for others it’s a guilty pleasure to be indulged! Spring time does mean cleaning time at TPPR HQ thanks to our outdoorsy lifestyle and mud magnet pup Kiwi.

Spring cleaning became a ritual historically because people would burn coal, wood and peat (not necessarily all three – it depends where you lived!) and paraffin lamps all through the winter, leaving the inside of their homes dusty and sooty. Now I’m pleased to say that my home isn’t coated in sooty dirt, but I am noticing little areas that could do with more than just a quick wipe over as the light gets stronger and the days a little longer. The light evenings (if you’re not using them to get out and ride…) are a good opportunity to get a little bit of sorting out done each day and deep clean here and there.

I also get seriously tempted to start redecorating and sorting out at the same time as cleaning – it feels so good to declutter and sort out the place that you almost want to give the house a facelift at the same time!  It’s also very tempting get some new bits and bobs that not only look good but help keep the house clean and tidy. Anvil Cottage Crafts create beautiful bespoke gifts and homewares from horseshoes and scrap metal in their forge located in the beautiful Cambridgeshire Fens, and there are some brilliant designs that I have my eye on. These pieces are perfect for keeping the house spick and span all year round and will add some hints of equestrian style to your home:

The Horseshoe Coat Hooks – how can one couple (and a very small dog) have quite so many different coats, jackets and gilets? My slight addiction to the country uniform staple that is the much-loved Schöffel fleece gilet might have something to do with it… You can choose from a 4-or 6-hook set depending on ho

Anvil Cottage Crafts bespoke Country homewaresTheir Horseshoe Bootscraper and the Horseshoe Doormat will help stop mud finding its way into the house while we patiently await the arrival of dry weather, and they look beautiful too.

Anvil Cottage Crafts have even designed a rather brilliant Toilet Roll Holder which is crafted from horseshoes too – yes, it might not be the most glamourous thing in the world but it has to be noted that everyone needs one.

Last but not least, those all-important wine bottles need organising (at least, until they are drunk) and I love Anvil Cottage Craft’s fabulous 5-Bottle Horseshoe Rack. It’s also available as a 3-Bottle Rack if your wine habit is a little more conservative.

Anvil Cottage Crafts make all sorts of lovely homewares and gifts so why not take a few moments to take a closer look?

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